Udaariyan: What Jasmine will do to stop the wedding?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by audience because of its Unique story line. After learning Fateh’s job status Jasmine refuses to marry Fateh.

Even after get to know through Tejo that family members are talking about Tejo and Fateh’s marriage, she refuses to give in and asks Tejo to marry Fateh. Now it will be interesting to see this decision of Veer’s and Sandhu’s will ruin Tejo Fateh and Jasmine’s life or Fateh and Tejo fall in love with each other in future!

In the current track it shown that Everyone sees Tejo comes downstairs alone. Fateh asks Tejo whether Jasmine agreed to the marriage or not to which Tejo shakes her head no. Babu Ji asks Fateh to tell his decision. Fateh and Tejo looks at each other.

Fateh sees Jasmine then goes to Khushbeer and says that he is ready to marry Tejo if she has no problem. Tejo’s parents ask her to agree then Tejo also shakes her head yes to marry Fateh. Biji asks Gurpreet to stay strong and support Fateh. The marriage ritual starts for Tejo. Sukhmini and Satti makes Tejo wear the Churni then Sukhmini prays god to give all the happiness to Tejo. Khushbeer also does the ritual for Fateh.

Amrik asks Fateh to say no to this marriage. Mahi also pleads Fateh. Khushbeer warns Amrik and Mahi then says that the decision is taken by Babu Ji so no one will say anything. Babu Ji asks everyone to smile and nor to cry because Fateh is getting married.

Abhiraj asks Tejo to not to marry Fateh saying she cant ruin her life for the sake of elders. Sukhmini says its elders decision Tejo agreed to it so they have to be happy. Satti makes Tejo sit nearby Fateh in the mandap. Both Tejo and Fateh stares ahead and thinks about their conversation related to Jasmine.

Pandit Ji asks them to put their hand on one another but they didn’t do what Pandit Ji asked them to. Satti and Gurpreet joins Tejo and Fateh’s hand and protects them from fire. Jasmine comes and says that she wont let this marriage happen.

Fateh looks at Jasmine. Tejo looks at both Fateh and Jasmine. Jasmine says to everyone that Fateh is her groom and they both loves each other. Everyone gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will ask Pandit Ji to start the marriage rituals. Tejo will look at Fateh. Fateh will vow to do all the responsibilities of a husband.

Fateh will fill Tejo’s hairline with vermilion. Fateh will make Tejo wear the mangalsutra. Fateh will leave the place angrily. Gurpreet will hold Fateh’s part of the dress which is tied with Tejo’s dress.

Tejo will looks at Fateh’s retreating back. The car will leave the house. Sandhu’s will look at the car. Jasmine will come there holding a frame. Jasmine will sit on the ground then cries.

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