Udaariyan: Will Gippi be able to expose Fateh and Jasmine’s affair?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Fateh gets upset with the way Jasmine’s allegations ruined Gippi’s life. He also confronts Jasmine why she did this all but Jasmine defends herself saying she don’t have any other option than this. Now it will be interesting to see will Saurabh’s plan to expose Jasmine’s true face this time will succeed?

What will be the family members reactions when they gets to know the truth about Jasmine and Fateh? Will Tejo forgive Fateh and Jasmine when she gets to know about their betrayal?

In the current track it shown that Gippi pleads Jasmine to tell everyone whatever she told is not a truth but Jasmine remains silent which leads others to throw Gippi out of the house. Jasmine signs at Fateh but he gets upset seeing all this and thinks to himself why he didn’t reveal the truth to everyone.
Jasmine asks everyone why such things are happening to her always. Her family members console her then Satti blames Saurabh for introducing such guy for her daughter. Fateh and Tejo reaches the house. Fateh goes to the terrace to breath some fresh air.

Tejo follows him and tells that they have to be happy because before marriage they got to know about Gippi’s character then she tells Fateh that she is so lucky that she has someone like Fateh in her life who will never betray her then puts her head on Fateh’s shoulder.

Fateh feels guilty the way he is betraying Tejo but she is trusting him this much. Fateh asks Jasmine to meet her in his academy then he gets shocked when Tejo decides to join him but he leaves Tejo making an excuse the place which he is going now is not safe for her.

Gippi gets shocked and accuses Saurabh even after knowing Jasmine’s actions she put him in the dark but Saurabh tells him that she thought Jasmine will change once she goes to Canada after she gets married to him.

Jasmine goes to meet Fateh who asks her why she defamed Gippi like this there is so many ways to stop the wedding then why she chose this. Jasmine tells Fateh that whatever she did is for their love also she don’t have much time to think so she did what she felt right.

Tejo gets shocked seeing Saurabh and Gippi on her way to her parents house then she decides to hear what they both are talking. Saurabh asks Gippi to help her to expose Jasmine to save Tejo’s life. She then explains her plan to Gippi. Tejo looks at the interaction between both Gippi and Saurabh.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will confront Saurabh. Saurabh will defend Gippi. Tejo will threaten Saurabh to break all ties with her if she repeats the same mistake again and try to ruin Jasmine’s life.
Jasmine will go to meet Fateh. Gippi will follow Jasmine. He will say that Jasmine ruined his life so he is going to expose her relationship with Fateh to everyone for sure.

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