Udaariyan: Will Jasmine get over her obsession for Fateh?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Fateh follows Buzo advice and takes Tejo for a road trip. Jasmine learns about Fateh and Tejo’s plan to spend a night together. Now it will be interesting to see will Tejo and Fateh starts feeling for each other? Will Jasmine let live Tejo and Fateh happily also move on in her life?

In the current track it shown that Saurabh makes Jasmine talk to Gippi’s mother on the call. Jasmine gets angry and tells Saurabh that she is going to get back what hers is not someone else’s husband when Saurabh asks her not to snatch Tejo’s husband. The next day Gippi comes to meet the Sandhu’s everyone likes him. Tejo asks Gippi that he will bring Jasmine to India more often right.
Gippi says to Tejo either he will bring her or take everyone to Canada. Jasmine gets angry so goes inside her room then calls Sweety who asks her what happened to which Jasmine tells her that Tejo changed Fateh a whole different person but she will make Fateh realise his feelings for her.

Then she gets shocked seeing Tejo at the doorstep then gets relaxed when she realises that she didnt hear the conversation with Sweety. Buzo praises Fateh also asks him to remove Jasmine and thinks about Tejo. Gippi decides to leave the house so Tejo asks Jasmine to send him off.

Satti stops Tejo when she decides to leave saying that she has gifts for her and Fateh. Fateh comes to pick up Tejo where he sees Gippi and Jasmine. Gippi puts his arm around Jasmine and tells Fateh that their marriage is almost fixed and tells him to come to Canada with Tejo after he and Jasmine settles in.

Tejo comes there Fateh links his arms with Tejo and takes her with him. Fateh thinks about the way Gippi puts his arm around Jasmine he also thinks about Buzo’s advice so he asks Tejo to let’s spend a night outside by going on a road trip. Tejo hesitates first saying Gurpreet is waiting for them but Fateh tells her that he will talk to Gurpreet so Tejo agrees to go on a road trip with Fateh.

Fateh teases Tejo saying that he never thought she will agree to his plans. Tejo asks Fateh to tell her what he knows about her. Fateh tells she is intelligent Beautiful and his best friend. Tejo smiles and tells Fateh that he doesnt know anything about her.

Jasmine tells Sweety that she dont want Fateh to open the gift infront of Tejo then she gets irritated when her friend asks what’s inside. Fateh and Tejo gets into a traffic. Fateh tells Tejo it will take more time the traffic to clear. Tejo tells that she is hungry and they both laughs. Satti sees Tejo’s message and tells everyone that about Fateh and Tejo’s plan.

Saurabh looks at Jasmine then tells everone that both Fateh and Tejo is planning to spend romantic time together. Jasmine gets angry and thinks to herself that she needs to find out where they both went. Fateh and Tejo park their car in a side way and walks towards the building happily.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will say that he is the kite and Tejo has the thread to hold him infront of everyone. Tejo will smile at Fateh. Saurabh will say to Jasmine that Fateh and Tejo truly loves each other and infront of their true love her fake obsession for Fateh cant do anything.
Fateh and Tejo will dance with everyone. Tejo will hug Fateh who also hug her back. Jasmine will throw her things in her room and make her face horrible with makeup then look herself in the mirror. She will say that no one can snatch the smile on her face from her and smile at her reflection in the mirror.

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