Udaariyan: Zaid causes trouble for Aasman!

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Udaariyan is going to be more thrilling as Zaid and Murtazim try to cross the border hiding from the police!


In the latest episode, Aasman and Armaan make cake for Zaid in the kitchen while he waits for her eagerly in Murtazim’s room. As Muratzim falls asleep, Zaid gets out of their room and searches for Aasman in the house calling her Ammi. Alia finds him and sets a trap for Aasman. As Armaan and Aasman reach the guest room, they fail to find Zaid so they go inside the house to find him.

While Aasman calls his name and looks for Zaid, Alia asks from behind whom she is looking for. Suddenly Zaid calls Aasman ammi. He is seen having a cake and asks Aasman to have it. Alia asks if she was looking for him only. She turns on the music for him so everyone wakes up and comes to the hall. As they ask Alia who’s birthday she is celebrating she points at Aasman and Zaid. Zaid calls Aasman ammi and asks her to have the cake too. He feeds cake to Aasman with his own hands. Armaan comes and sees it too. Alia says he is Zaid from Hydercoat.

Alia turns on a party music for Zaid’s birthday as a result everyone is awakened at the house. Everyone is shocked to see Zaid there. Alia tells them that he is from Hydercoat and is Murtazim’s son. He calls Aasman his mother. Murtazim wakes up and comes out of his room to find Zaid. As Alia exaggerates the issue and raises questions on Aasman’s character, Murtazim shows up and stands up for her.

Sukhi has a fight with Armaan who asks to make Murtazim and Zaid go away immediately. Alia calls the police beforehand. As they hear the police siren, Armaan and Aasman flee from the back door to save Zaid and Murtazim. To know if they would be able to escape, keep watching Udaariyaan.