Udariyaan: Armaan locks Aasman in his room!

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Udaariyaan is ready for more thrill as Kabir tries to abduct Aasman while Armaan tries his best to protect her!


In the latest episode, Armaan saves Aasman from the stalker hiding in her room. While he gets hold of the man and tries to unmask him, he takes out a knife and makes a deep cut on Armaan’s arm. Aasman comes running and stops Armaan from running after the stalker since he is bleeding badly. She does Armaan’s first aid but Armaan says that he doesn’t need all this since she doesn’t care if he lives or dies. He confesses his feelings for Aasman. He asks permission from Beeji and Deepak to take Aasman with him since she isn’t safe here but Aasman refuses to go with him.

Later that night, Armaan kidnaps Aasman and brings her to his place. As she wakes up, she asks him to let her go but he locks her inside his room. Rano and Sukhi arrive and ask him to open the door for her. Eventually Deepak, Ekam and others also arrive and shout at Armaan for doing such a thing. Sukhi even beats Armaan for handing over the keys but he refuses. Finally Rano convinces him to open the door. Aasman agrees to stay back at Armaan’s place on Raja and others request to celebrate her birthday.

In the next episode the stalker would be seen trying to abduct Aasman again from her birthday party. Would Armaan be able to protect her this time? To know what happens next, keep watching Udaariyaan.