Uddariyan Weekly Update: Tejo exposes Jasmine and Fateh’s affair.

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This week began with Tejo coming to the room. She looks at Fathers photo and recalls his love confession for Jasmine. She opens the drawer and looks at the gun. Her hand trembles. She closes it. She recalls Fateh-Jasmine romantic performance. She takes the gun and leaves. Jasmine is waiting for Tejo wondering she called her. Jasmine sees that Tejo driving the car. Tejo stops the car and asks Jasmine to sit in the car. Jasmine obeys. Jasmine asks where they’re going. Tejo says that she will get to know, it’s a surprise. Jasmine says that she doesn’t understand what surprise. Tejo says that she will get to know. Tejo calls someone and asks to come outside. Jasmine asks if someone else is coming with them. Tejo remains silent. Jasmine wonders what happened to Tejo, where she’s taking her. Tejo stops the car. Fateh asks why she called him. Fateh gets shocked on seeing Jasmine with Tejo and asks what Jasmine is doing with her. Tejo says that Jasmine is her sister and asks if she can’t come with her. Tejo then asks Jasmine why she’s scared on seeing Fateh. Jasmine denies and tells Fateh to sit and says that Tejo has some surprise. Fateh gets in the car. Fateh asks where they’re going. Tejo says for a long drive, she has a surprise. Fateh asks what it’s. Tejo tells to be patient.

Tejo brings them to a place and asks them to get out of the car. Fateh and Jasmine obey. They hear their confession audio playing and gets shocked on seeing Tejo holding in one hand phone and in another hand gun. Tejo points the gun towards them. Fateh and Jasmine step back. Tejo asks how was her surprise, sorry shock. Tejo says that she was also shocked on seeing her husband and her sister in the party as husband and wife, Mr and Mrs Virk. Jasmine asks Tejo if she gone mad and says that they can talk calmly. Tejo shouts that they were repeating “I love you ” “I love you Jasmine”. Tejo comes near them pointing the gun at them. She says to Fateh he shared everything with her, then why he didn’t share it. She says that he could have told her that he loves Jasmine and could have asked her to leave. She would have leave, but he didn’t have the courage. Fateh tries to explain, but Tejo tells him to stay away. Tejo says that she considered Fateh as her friend and trusted him and gave her life on his name, but he cheated her in return. She has done lot to save their relationship. She is at fault since she gave him. opportunity to cheat her. Fateh says that he didn’t hurt Tejo intentionally. He tried hard to forget Jasmine, but he couldn’t, he loves Jasmine. Tejo says to Jasmine that she got married to Fateh because of her. She recalls Jasmine telling her to marry Fateh and save family’s respect. She sat in the mandap to save their families respect inspite of not willing to do this marriage. She accepted him inspite of knowing that he loves Jasmine. Jasmine rejected him, but she accepted him hoping that their relationship will be based on trust love. He promised her that he will make their marriage successful and she believed him. Tejo reminds Fateh of their consummation night and says that she thought that their heart have also come close, but she was wrong. Tejo says that Fateh was playing with her feelings and heart. Tejo then says that Jasmine has snatched her things since her childhood, so she thought that she can snatch her husband as well. Jasmine says that Fateh isn’t hers. Tejo silences Jasmine and says that Fateh wasn’t hers when he married and when he gave the rights to be his wife. Fateh apologizes to Tejo. The latter says it’s too late for apologizing and also for forgiving. Tejo aims the gun at Jasmine. The latter hides behind Fateh and pleads with Tejo to put down the gun. Tejo laughs and says that Fateh cheated her for Jasmine, who hides behind him on seeing a gun. Tejo says that Fateh is doing wrong and will regret his decision, but it will be too late. Tejo cries and her hand trembles. She puts her hand down. She runs from there crying. Fateh runs after Tejo. Jasmine stops Fateh and says that Tejo is in shock and she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s having gun. Jasmine tells Fateh to stop.

The Lord Ganesh’s procession is going. Tejo walks with the devotees. The red color gets all overover her face. A truck stops near and Tejo and the driver offers her lift. She gets ob the truck. Fateh runs looking for Tejo. Jasmine tries to stop him. Jasmine says that whatever happened is good. Fateh says that it wasn’t their plan. Jasmine says that they haven’t done anything with her, Tejo came between them. She is acting like that as she is in shock. Tejo doesn’t love him as much she loves him. sHe will be fine once she will come out of the shock. Tejo is shown going in the truck. Jasmine says that it’s good Tejo got to know the truth, they will leave after telling the truth to everyone. Fateh says that it won’t that easy, their both family will get to know. Jasmine says that they will face it together. Fateh gets worried where Tejo would have gone in this state.

Fateh and Jasmine go to their respective home fearing how to face their family as Tejo must have told to everyone about their affair. Rupy and Satti question Jasmine about the Rupy’s burnt passport. Jasmine admits that she did drama to not marry Gippy shocking her parents. Jasmine gets surprised on learning Tejo hasnt come home and think she must have gone to Fateh’s house. Other hand Fateh finds out Tejo didn’t return home and thinks she went to her parents house. Fateh lies to her parents that Tejo went to her house. Later Fateh learns that Tejo isn’t at her home when Jasmine calls her. Fateh searches Tejo whole night, but cant find her and geta worried for Tejo. Rupy comes to Virk’s house and Virk family learns that Fateh lied to them and Tejo was missing. Jasmine comes back home after meeting Fateh and gets shocked on seeing Tejo there.

Tejo says that she and Jasmine will go to the place where she wanted to go. Tejo brings Jasmine to Fateh’s house. Gurpreet asks Tejo why she brought Jasmine here. Tejo asks Jasmine to say that Fateh isn’t only her husband, but also Jasmine’s boyfriend shocking the family. Fateh comes back home. Kushbeer asks Tejo if she’s saying the truth. Tejo says that she saw Fateh and Jasmine getting introduced to everyone as husband and wife in yesterday’s party. Kushbeer gets furious and slaps Fateh. Jasmine looks on shocked.

Fateh accuses Tejo of having a secret relationship with Buzzo. Buzzo denies it, but Fateh argues with him. Kushbeer intervenes and slaps Fateh saying that he was accusing Tejo to hide his fault. Fateh finally admits that Tejo said the truth. He says that he loves Jasmine, he tried hard to forget Jasmine, but he couldn’t. Tejo says that Fateh announced his decision and he got what he deserved. Jasmine is his love and his sin as well. Tejo prepares the red color and forces Jasmine to walk over it. Tejo says that Jasmine is this house’s daughter-in-law hereafter. Tejo declares that she doesn’t have any other reason to stay in this house and walks out. Kushbeer lashes out at Fateh for betraying Tejo, who accepted him when Jasmine humilated and rejected him. Kushbeer tells that Tejo chose their family respect over her own happiness, but Fateh ruined everything. Kushbeer tells Fateh to get out. Fateh tries to explain. Jasmine sought their apologize. But Kushbeer shuts their mouth and tells them to leave the house. Other hand Tejo reaches her house. Tejo cries hugging her dad, Rupy. Rupy apologizes to Tejo.

Kushbeer tells Fateh and Jasmine to leave. Gurpreet stops Fateh and tells Jasmine will leave, not Fateh. Jasmine decides to leave, but Fateh holds her hand. Nimmo scolds Jasmine and the latter leaves getting angry. Gurpreet tells Fateh that he will see her dead if he goes after Jasmine. Fateh requests his family to let him go as Jasmine is alone and she needs him. Fateh leaves ignoring her mom’s words. Tejo recalls her childhood memory with Jasmine where Tejo got hurt while saving Jasmine. Tejo says that she gets hurt always due to Jasmine. She cries hard looking at her and Fateh’s broken photo frame. Jasmine phones Rupy. He scolds her and asks her to die. Satti and Rupy apologize to Tejo for always asking her to compromise for Jasmine and assures her this time they won’t support Jasmine. Jasmine walks on the road and gets hit by a truck. Fateh finds Jasmine unconscious and injured. Kushbeer tries to convince Tejo to return home, but she refuses. Fateh brings unconscious Jasmine home shocking his family. Kushbeer firmly says there is no place for Jasmine in their house.

Fateh says that Jasmine’s condition is not well and promises to leave once she gets better. Gurpreet asks him to let him enter as he can’t go anywhere in this condition. Kushbeer says that the house belongs only to Tejjo and refuses to let them enter. Gurpreet threatens to leave the house if he doesn’t let them enter. Kushbeer asks her to leave if she wants. Beeji asks what’s he saying when suddenly she falls unconscious getting emotional. Dadaji asks Fateh to get in with Jasmine. Tejo’s father is thinking about Kushbeer’s words when Tejjo comes there. She asks what’s he thinking when he says that he really considers her his daughter and he could see it in his eyes. He asks her to not compromise anymore and fight for her rights.

Doctor checks Beeji and says that her blood pressure rose up and she suffered minor stroke. She advised them to take a proper care of her. Beeji keeps murmuring Tejo’s name. Kushbeer asks how can he ask for Tejo to come there when both the people who hurt her are here. Everyone leaves upset. Fateh is standing on door when Kushbeer closes the door on his face. Fateh goes to his room where Jasmine is sleeping. His aunt comes there and asks if he has become so shameless to sleep in the same room with his sister in law. Fateh says he just came to check on her and then will go back to guest room. She asks him to go and he leaves angrily.

Tejo’s brother tries cheering her up with his jokes. Mahi calls her and she tries avoiding her call but Mahi asks him to put it on speaker. She informs Tejo about whatever happened and Beeji asking for her. Tejo gets worried. Next day, Fateh gave medicine to Jasmine who asks if everyone are still angry with them. He asks her to not worry about it and rest. Fateh says he will go and check on Beeji. Jasmine thinks that now everyone will blame her for this too. She says Fateh that she will meet Beeji but Fateh stops her. However Jasmine stays adamant. They both tries convincing Beeji but she didn’t listen to them and refuses tok take the food. Mahi prats to God to bring back Tejo and send away Jasmine. Everyone joins her. Tejo enters the house and straight away goes to Beeji.

Tejo feeds Beeji and she eats it. Jasmine fumes seeing it. Beeji pleads Tejo to stay there forever and Jasmine’s anger increases. Tejo says she will come and go but she asks promise to stay there. Tejo doesn’t know what to answer when Fateh pulls Jasmine seeing her angry and leaves with her. Mahi notices Tejo and everyone rushes there. Kushbeer also pleads Tejo to stay. Tejo asks under what rights can she stay there as there’s no reason. Kushbeer says that she needs to stay as his daughter. Jasmine on the other hand is fuming that Tejo may stay there and badmouths Tejo. She says she already snatched her home and what if she stays there too. Fateh says nothing like that will happen but Jasmine is not convinced.

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