Udne Ki Aasha 10th June 2024 Written Update: Aakash and Riya gets interested about each other

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Episode starts, with Paresh entering the house with Renuka while Paresh’s Mother is taking care of Sayali’s injured leg. He finds out about Sayali’s accident. He gets worried. Everyone gets shocked that Renuka is in the village, while she hates village life. Renuka behaves like a decent woman. Sachin gets very curious and keeps asking Renuka, what is her intension behind.

Next day, Renuka puts a pillow under Sayali’s injured leg. Sachin again thinks something must be wrong, that Renuka is acting so well. Paresh and his mother also gets shocked, and they start mocking Renuka about her recent change. Paresh’s Mother asks about Akash then she says that she wants to visit some temple. Renuka says that she also wants to come with her. Sachin again gets curious why Renuka is behaving so well with everyone. He personally talks to Paresh’s Mother and Sayali but noone is interested in Renuka’s sudden change. Everyone is happy that Renuka is happy with others but Sachin feels restless.

Diya calls Akash to review new mushroom recipe. She loves it. Akash looks curious about the girl. But she doesn’t disclose her identity. They talks yo eachother for a while. Akash says that he wants to open his own resturant after the internship. The girl says she will be happy to be the first customer there. She sends a coffee mug to Akash and he finds it very special.

Renuka talks to Paresha about the money. Renuka asks Paresh to mention about the money to his mother. Paresh mention she only have two days to convince his mother. Renuka gets irritated that she had to do all these drama only for the shake of Tejash. Sachin comes to Paresh and keeps asking about Renuka’s sudden change. He doesn’t get any satisfactory answer so he keeps asking the same question again and again.

Aakash comes ro visit Sayali’s mother and sister. Aakash says that he wants to prepare the breakfast as he forget to bring sweets for them. So he enters into the kitchen though Sayali’s mother is not happy with that. Juhi comes into the kitchen to help him. They works together to prepare upmaa.

Renuka comes to Sayali to directly asks her what she actual does to make everyone happy. She asks Sayali about her daily routine that she will follow. Sayali describes how she does all her day to day house courses pne after one. Renuka gets very worried about too much work load. Sachin gets into the room, he again makes a scene about Renuka’s sudden change. Sachin smells something wrong.

Next day, Renuka asks for the credit of the food that Sayali have prepared. Sayali gets very angry and asks her to stop acting as a good human, what she is not.

Episode ends.

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