Udne Ki Aasha 12th June 2024 Written Update: Tejas acts to impress Roshni

Udne Ki Aasha 12th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Renuka struggling with the homemade heat while cooking. Sachin intentionally puts Renuka’s cloth in the water to make fun of her. Renuka gets angry due to over heating of fire and now she gets more irritated beacuse of Sachin’s silly behaviour. Sachin leaves the place. Sayali helps her in cooking but Renuka warns her to mention that to Aaji. Sayali dare her to do so, because she believes Aaji will eventually know everything. Truth can’t be covered. Renuka gets more angry and leaves the food preparations in messed up condition to Sayali.

Sayali gets missed calls from Shakku. Sachin tries to spy on her but she doesn’t give him much attention. Over phone call, Renuka mention that Roshni wants a lots of gold in the marriage that’s why she is here to ask for the money from Aji. Shakku mentioned that she have to do it fast. Renuka also mentions that she is worried about Aakash as he is visiting Juhi’s house nowadays. Paresh enters the room so Renuka puts off the call. Paresh reminds Renuka if she wants money from Aaji she have to do a lot more work. So, Renuka leaves to clear the utensils. Paresh is actually enjoying the Renuka struggling with so much work load.

Roshni asks Tejash whether he have attended the interview she had arranged but Tejash mentioned that he was scared of the female interviewers. Roshni tries to make her understand that he have to find some job in order to living. Tejash acts as if he is concerned. Tejash tries to impress Roshni so he asks her to arrange another interview. Roshni’s friend warns her that Tejash is not the right person for her, he is a lazy guy.

Sayali massages Aaji’s leg. Aaji says she doesn’t get Renuka’s sudden change. Sachin comes there and joins them. Later Paresh comes and he instructs Renuka that she must massage Aaji’s feet in order to impress her.

On the road Aaksh meets Riya unknowingly while she was rash driving. He warns her that he will loadge complain against her. Riya gets heated

Renuka massages Aaji’s feet while Aaji asks whether wants they want money for the marriage. Paresh says he will manage but Renuka stops her that Roshni asks for the money directly. Sachin catches the tone and says that Renuka is here for the money only. Aaji says she is ready to give her the money only she have to keep some patience. Sachin is not happy with that, but he keeps quite. Renuka leaves Aaji’s feet immediately after Aaji convinced for the money.

Precap: Sayali accidentally falls into pond while playing with a kid. She struggling hard to comes out of the water but fails. The kid informs Sachin, he runs to save her.

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