Udne Ki Aasha 14th April 2024 Written Update: Tejas flees from his wedding

Udne Ki Aasha 14th April 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the marriage of Sayali and Tejas. The ritual gets started and the priest starts chanting the mantras. Meanwhile, Sayali feels very disturbed and distracted when she notices Sudhakar in the wedding hall. Sudhakar keeps stared at her with his evil eyes which makes Sayali awkward. The priest asks her to concentrate on the wedding rituals. After completing everything, the priest asks both the bride and groom to change their clothes for the final marriage. As soon as Tejas enters into the the room he gets a message that all the money of his father has already transferred into his account. He gets overwhelmed and jumps in the air being happy.

Suddenly, Paresh comes there and asks him to open the ready. Tejas becomes freaked out and asks him to wait few minutes more. Through Paresh doesn’t seem very happy for the carelessness is Tejas. He even tries to snatch the mobile phone of Tejas. But the latter promises that he will reach in the wedding stage before time. After leaving of Paresh, Tejas suddenly notices that Isha has debited all the money from his account. He immediately calls Isha but she ignores him. Finally, Isha recieves the phone. A agitated voice comes from the other side. Tejas asks Isha why did she credit all money from their joint account, Isha makes a false excuse and asks him to elope from the marriage ceremony.

On the other hand, Paresh and Ayi arrange other things for the marriage. Sayali couldn’t able to gather her peace of mind seeing Sudhakar in the wedding hall. Sudhakar keeps stared at her to make her uneasy. The gangs of Shudhakar plans to abduct Sayali but they come to end that Tejas has already eloped from the wedding platform. Sudhakar gets overwhelmed to think the consequencesm of it. He waits for the chaos and expects that others will request him to marry Sayali. Ahead, Sachin arrives in the wedding venue with the bike of the police officer. Hiding his own face Tejas escapes from the hall. Aakash keeps calling him but Tejas doesn’t receive the phone.

When Akash fails to find out Tejas anywhere, Paresh gets freaked out. Slowly his agitation gets increased and tries to find the reason behind the sudden absence of Tejas. He starts doubting whether he has eloped with someone else. Akash calls his mother. As soon as Renuka comes into the room, she is interrogated whether she knows anything about Tejas. She starts panicking and rebukes Paresh his desperation for this marriage.- Episode ends.

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