Udne Ki Aasha 1st June 2024 Written Update: Joy’s condition to Paresh regarding pension

Udne Ki Aasha 1st June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the conversation between Sachin and his friends. When other friends ask him to bring his wife in their party Sachin clearly says he won’t request Sayali to join their party because she won’t come. The friends pull the legs of Sachin. Suddenly Sayali comes there and asks him to come home. Sachin couldn’t help but follow the order of Sayali.

Paresh comes into the house of Joy, he expected that Joy wants to talk with him about his pension but Joy mention that Sachin has misbehaved with his one and only daughter Riya in the midst of the way, he also shows the serial number of his bike to prove, but Paresh makes it clear that Sachin is now out of the station. Paresh assumes that Akash or Tejas might met Riya in the road. The wife of Joy demands Sachin and Akash to apologize to her family butparaish clearly says that neither Sachin nor Aakash will come to them to apologize, rather he will file a case against Joy for harassing Paresh getting his pension.

While Sachin and Sayali walk in the road, they discuss about the beauty of this village. Sayali feels very connected with this village and appreciates the nature of the villagers. Sachin shows some amazing and amusing things of this place.

Coming into the house, Paresh asks his younger son Akash whether he has met any accident few hours before. He describes the whole incident ot Paresh. Though Tejas criticizes Akash for harassing the girl but Paresh understand the crucility of the money.

Renuka wants to celebrate the marriage ceremony of Tejas in a very grandeur way. But Paresh doesn’t prefer to spend much money on Tejas, since he once betrayed them. He suggests his to arrange the function in the own home so the expense will be less. Akash immediately says that he wants to take the responsibility of the food of Tejas’s marriage function but Renuka wishes to celebrate the function in a more pompous way. Tejas wants to bring the food from a 5 star hotel, Akash forbids him to spend that much money on trivial things.

Through the words of Sayali, Sachin comes to know the intelligence and the greatness of her. He appreciates her nature witnessing the brevity of Sayali when she protests against the misbehaviour of a random passenger. Later again they start their quarrelling. Sachin challenges her to paste spices following the traditional way. Sachin asks Sayali to hold the rock first before pasting species. But Sayali proves herself right.

Episode ends.

Precap : When Aaji will learn that Sayali is still virgin even few months after the marriage, she will become surprised.

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