Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Update: Sayali faces a physical harrasment

Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with a misunderstanding between Sachin and Sayali. Sayali notices that Sachin has been threatening someone, and curses the boy. Sayali curses Sachin seeing his offensive behaviour. Actually, Sachin was acting a scene where he was being portrayed as a goon.

Here, in the house of the principal, Sayali starts working as a governor of his new born child. His wife thinks that her husband has send the governor to work but when the principal learns that Sayali has been working as a governor, he gets fired and asks her to leave the house. Sayali begs to the principal to readmit her brother Dilip so that he would get another chance to continue his study, the pricipal sir realises the difficulties of this girl and asks about her misery. Sayali describes that she has sacrificed her own education to earn the bread. The sir understands the pain of her life and gives her the permission continue his life.

In the same day, Dilip and Joohi get ready to attend the school and college. Dilip feels very ashamed for his previous behaviour. Joohi also seems very disheartened for her father’s death. Sayali motivates her siblings and asks them to study attentively so that they could fulfill their father’s dream. After they leaving, a group of goon come in the shop of Sayali to take their rent. He also puts a very bad eye on Sayali and harrasses her physically. Though Sayali protests the goon but they snatch their dupatta. Paresh witnesses the assualt and decides to bring Sayali in his own house as his daughter in law.

Coming into the house, Paresh wants to talk with Renuka about his decision. But Renuka was to busy to finalize the marriage of Tejas. To get a perfect girl for her adored son, she takes a help of a broker. Meanwhile, Paresh proposes that he wants to arrange a marriage between Sayali and Tejas. Learning the foolish idea of Paresh, Tejas and Renuka make fun of Paresh. Renuka emphatically says that she won’t let this happen. She doesn’t take any responsibility of Paresh’s guilt. Both Renuka and Tejas both disagree with Paresh. Renuka also insults her husband and reminds her struggled life. Tejas also insults his father. Meanwhile, Sachin comes there and asks them to stop their squabble.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sayali will be kidnapped by those goons and Sachin will run to save the girl.

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