Udne Ki Aasha 29th March 2024 Written Update: Tejas announces his own decision

Udne Ki Aasha 29th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Epsiode starts with the conversation between Tejas and his girlfriend who has become pregnant in the last few months. She demands a separate house and luxurious life so that they could lead a happy life. Tejas shows a dream life where his girl friend and he will lead a happy life. When they about to return home from the hospital, Tejas’s car gets stopped due to some mechanical issues. The girl shows her frustration and anger on Tejas as he always failed to take care of her. Isha angrily leaves the car and asks lift from another car when Tejas repeatedly asks her to wait for him.

As soon as Isha rides the car, there is a friend of her. They make fun of Tejas’s poor situation. From the conversation one could understand that Isha has been using Tejas as a ladder for her own self. She also plans to take all the money and car belonged go Tejas so that she could lead a better and happy life in Canada.

Fail to fulfill the demands of Tejas he decides to follow the words of his father Paresh so that he could get the money what he got in his retirement. Though Paresh seems happy but when he thinks of his greedy mind. Sachin also learns the fact and gets very angry. Sachin alerts his father that Tejas might play with the mind of the whole family and he will definitely destroy the life of Sayali only for the money. Sachin brings Paresh to a another room to talk with him. But Paresh is not ready to hear anything about Tejas’s decision. Sachin requests to rethink his own decision. Renuka becomes very anxious hearing the decision of Tejas.

In the next day, Paresh and his friend come into the house of Sayali to finalize the marriage ceremony. Seeing them, Shobha welcomes them cordially. But Sayali again declares that she is not going to marry anyone. But Paresh insists Sayali to get agreed. Sayali also gets positive indication from her deceased father. Renuka also describes the poor situation of their family that they couldn’t arrange a marriage. Paresh again assures that he will stand beside this family in their every odd time. He also promises that he will help Joohi and Dilip to continue their study. Shobha gives her the permission for the marriage and requests Sayali to give her opinion. Paresh gives Sayali the time to think about her own decision.

Later, Sayali and Sachin come infront each other in a party. Sayali was given the responsibility to arrange the party decoration but Sachin disarranges and messes up everything. The party arranger gets very angry on Sachin and Sayali is not given the money for Sachin’s carelessness.

Episode ends.

Precap : Sayali will be kidnapped by those goons and Sachin will run to save the girl.

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