Udne Ki Aasha 2nd June 2024 Written Update: The new friendship between Sayali and Sachin

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the conversation between Paresh and Renuka. But He says that he himself wants to take care of his own pension. At the same time, Roshni comes with55 basket of sweets and distributes the good news everyone. She announces that she is going to open up parlour which was a big dream of Roshni. Paresh blesses Roshni for her prosperity. When Roshni open thanks her mother in law, Renuka becomes freaked out. She ignores to take any credit for her own success. The is odd behaviour of Renuka creates a doubt in the mind of Paresh.

Here, in the village of Aaji, Sachin and Sayali both very beautifully enjoy their life together. In the night, they together sit to have their dinner. The grandmother of Sachin requests to feed Sayali but Sachin doesn’t want to come closer with Sayali anymore. But floating the requests of others finally they both feed each other. Being hesitated Sayali puts the food on Sachin’s mouth.

The closeness between them creates a tension. In the night, Sachin and Sayali again start their sweet salty conversation. Sayali pulls the legs of Sachin, they both start liking each other’s presence. He also shares his own personal stories to Sayali.

The view point of Sachin towards ladies and their ideas, amazes Sayali. When Sayali wants to know that how he thinks about her, Sachin doesn’t give any starting answer. Sachin appreciates the calm nature of Sayali. She understands that Sachin fears of his own positive

Here, in the restaurant, Akash prepares the delicious food. He is highly appreciated by his boss and colleagues for its amazing preparation of the dish. The good words of the boss motivates Akash to prepare more dishes. They also encourage her to open a new restaurant of his own and starts a new set up. Akash akash dreams the same.

The interference of Aaji makes the friendship and bonding of Sayali and Sachin strong. She describes how Sachin used to fight with his friends in playtime. The description amuses Sayali. Episode ends.

Precap : When Aaji will learn that Sayali is still virgin even few months after the marriage, she will become surprised.

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