Udne Ki Aasha 30th May 2024 Written Update: Renuka becomes freaked out assuming the consequences

Udne Ki Aasha 30th May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the conversation between Sayali and Sachin. They both head out towards the village of Sachin’s Aayi. To build up a friendship, Sachin tells his childhood memories to Sayali.

Renuka gives 10 lakh rupees to Roshni to build up her new career with a beauty parlour. Roshni pretends to be grateful to Renuka since she has given the mortgage loan to Roshni. Taking the money Rashmi feels proud of her own smartness and brings the money to his friend. Roshni she is that she will definitely return the money to Renuka after opening the parlour. The friend of Roshni asks her whether she really loves Tejas or not. Roshni says that she really wants to be with Tejas who also loves her from his heart. They both plan to arrange the setup of the beauty parlour according to their previous plan.

Reaching in the village, Sachin meets his grandmother at first. The grandmother shows her deep affection towards this new couple. Sachin is also warmly greeted by other villagers. When they ask Sachin about his new married life with Sayali, he becomes very embarrassed. Seeing a new tractor Sayali says she wants to board on it for once. Sachin decides to drive the tractor and helps Sayali to board on the tractor again.

Come in the house, Renuka couldn’t get over from her fear. She becomes alerted about the presence of her husband. Paresh also questions her whether she has brought some vegetables or other ingredients for cooking. Renuka manages the situation that she didn’t go to his vegetables. She also no informs Paresh that she had already finalize the date of the engagement of Tejas and Roshni. Pares warns her to wait for sometime otherwise she will conduct another problematic situation.

Renuka becomes freaked out assuming the consequence of her bold step. She immediately runs to his son’s room to discuss about the matter. She tells they just that she has given 10 lakh rupees to open up a parlour and asks Tejas whether she did anything wrong. Tejas assures that Roshni will definitely return her full money within 3 months. Tejas says he will also join the business to build it up largely. Though he will not join it permanently but he assures that he will not leave this in the midst of way.

In the next day, Renuka fixes a sagai of Tejas and Roshni. Paresh asks Tejas whether he really loves Roshni or not, he will not bear anymore lie. Tejas firmly says he doesn’t want to betray his family.

Episode ends.

Precap : Sayali will feel something fishy in the odd behaviour of Roshni.

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