Udne Ki Aasha 31st March 2024 Written Update: Paresh finalizes the marriage proposal

Udne Ki Aasha 31st March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the arrival of Paresh and Renuka in the house of Sayali to finalize the marriage of Sayali and Tejas. As soon as Shobha calls them to come inside, Renuka taunts her behaviour. Though Sayali is not seemed interested by these glamorous exposition of these family but she is insisted to get ready for Shobha.

Coming inside, Shobha brings Sayali outside and she serves the food to all. Sayali assumes the greedy mind of Renuka and feels bad. But Paresh shows a humble attitude to Sayali. Renuka wants to know about the Dehej which will be offered in the marriage. But Shobha expresses that she has spent all the money in the funeral of her husband, but Paresh lies that they will definitely give the twenty five thousand rupees.

The announcement of Paresh surprises Sayali and her family. Paresh also finalizes the date on which the marriage will be held. He also asks Sayali to converse with Tejas personally. Though Tejas doesn’t show any interest to talk with Sayali but he doesn’t any interest to talk with Sayali. But she wants to share all her difficulties with her fiance. Coming into to separate room, Sayali expresses her difficulties and wishes to contribute the money to her family even after her marriage. She wants to help Dilip and Roohi in their studies until they will get a job. Tejas permits her to do so.

After while, they come outside. They all pray to the God and leave the house. Before leaving Paresh promises that he will contribute in the expenses of marriage ceremony. Shobha gets relieved. Coming into the house, Shobha expresses her grudges since Sayali’s family are very poor family. She wished to find out a royal family for royal family for Tejas but when her dream is broken, she feels utterly disturbed. But her friend suggests her to bring a poor girl as her daughter in law so that she could control the lady even after the marriage. Renuka gets convinced with the words of her friend.

Sayali is asked by her mother whether she is satisfied to see her fiance but Sayali tells that if her family has chosen a right person for her, there is nothing to oppose. They also seem very tensed about the huge expense of the marriage. Episode ends.

Precap : Renuka will poke Shobha for her impoverishment. She will also ask her to arrange money and Sagun for the marriage of their daughter.

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