Udne Ki Aasha 31st May 2024 Written Update: Sayali wants to independent in her life

Udne Ki Aasha 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.co

The episode starts with the conversion between Sayali and her mother. Sayali describes how her trip is and how much she is enjoying the people of villagers. Her mother becomes happy when she learns that Sayali has been enjoying her married life. She also informs that Tejas is now getting married with an anonymous lady. After the phone call Sayali and Sachin start to discuss about the marriage of Tejas.

Sachin becomes curious about the girl and asks his wife Roshani’s description. They both feel that there is something fishy in the character of that girl otherwise no one will prefer to marry Tejas knowing every odds of his past. Sachin thinks that both Renuka and Tejas have hidden all the truth from his fiance. Sayali adjoins that the girl was also hesitating to say about her own family who lives in Dubai or Singapore, but she didn’t seem very confident or proud of her own family.

Tejas and Roshni are getting engaged. Akash is introduced with his brother’s fiance. When Akash questions Roshni about her family details Roshni intentionally avoids the questions. Not knowing anything about Roshni, Renuka has finalized this marriage which doesn’t make happy Paresh also.

On the same day, Akash meets a girl who hit a poor lady in the road. Akash stops the girl and teaches a lesson to her. She is insisted to give some money also as a compensation. The girl feels very irritated on Akash and she is no one but the daughter of Joy. Coming into the house the girl complaints against Akash to her parents.

Joy and his wife want to punish that mysterious boy. Through the bike number they learn to know that the boy is no one but Sachin. Immediately Joy calls Paresh and asks him to come in his house for once. Paresh gets ready to meet joy, he thinks that Joy has been calling him to discuss about his pension.

Aaj teaches Sayali some valuable life lesson to Sayali who gets inspired by her single living livehood. Sali also wants to independent like Aji. Her grandmother also asks her to concentrate about her own marriage life. Sayali finds out the livehood of village is very interesting and roams around here and there. She wants to witness the simple livehood of there.

Episode ends.

Precap : Sachin and Sayali will enjoy the life in the village. Sachin will challenge her to paste spices following the traditional way.

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