Udne Ki Aasha 4th June 2024 Written Update: Sachin declines to help Sachin

Udne Ki Aasha 4th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with a very funny scene when Paresh becomes chickened out seeing the makeover of Renuka. Renuka appreciates the makeover which was done by Roshni. Paresh and Renuka both start to discuss about the marriage of Tejas. Although Renuka wants to perform the marriage ceremony of Tejas in a very pompos way but once it’s opposite. They both also discuss about the expenses and other things. He requests Renuka to invite Aaji going to the village but Renuka hesitates to do so.

Tejas informs that she has lost his new job because of his own misbehaviour, Tejas expects that Roshni will rebuke him for his carelessness but Roshni motivates him to get another one. She doesn’t utter any negative words to Tejas which makes him impressed. But Roshni forbids to inform these two his house otherwise Renuka and Paresh will be tensed to think about his job. Actually, forgiving Tejas she has been secure the future of her own, so that she will be forgiven when Tejas will come to know about her dark past.

Aaji appreciates all the qualities of Sayali. And other neighbours also notice that Sayali is expired in many household things. They all accept that she is the perfect lady for Sachin, although their marriage was accidental but they are made for each other. Aaji requests Sayali to get ready and after a while they head out for a visiting a temple.

Reaching the temple, Sayali gets interested to know about the local flower business, she also wants to improve this business returning in Mumbai. Aaji feels very proud of her own grand daughter in law and introduces her with other visitors of the temple. Before showing the face of the Lord, Sayali wants to ring the bill for once. But she couldn’t even touch the bell which has been hanging from a very high distance.

Aaji wants Sachin to help her so that she could touch the bell for once. But Sachin doesn’t want to touch Sayali, he prefers to get bring a chair for her. When other visitors questions her power and the love of Sachin, he becomes instigated and runs to hold her between his arms so that she could touch the bell once. Again they come closer and feel each other’s heart. Finally Sayali rings the bell before entering the temple and offering the Puja.

Episode ends.

Precap : The grandmother of Tejas will be surprised to know that Sayali is still vergin even after her marriage.

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