Udne Ki Aasha 5th June 2024 Written Update: Tejas safeguards his beloved Roshni

Udne Ki Aasha 5th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts. Aaji and her grand daughter in law offer Puja in the temple. After completing the Puja, Sachin is asked to put the Jodwi around the feet of Sayali. At first he hesitates to touch the feet of Sayali, but then he drops the jewelry on his wife’s feet. Aaji blesses Sachin and Sayali together, she also expects the great grandchildren from Sayali, but the latter fails to explain that there’s no physical relationship between Sachin and herself.

After a while, the priest calls three virgin girls in front of the temple to perform the Kumari Puja, suddenly, Sayali responses that she is virgin. This confession makes everyone surprised. Aji couldn’t believe that there is no physical relationship between Sayali and Sachin. Her neighbour suggests her to send them together to a particular temple so that all the marital problem between them will be solved after offering the pooja to that temple.

Riya orders some foods from the restaurant in where Akash works, after tasting the delicious foods which is made by Akash, Riya becomes overwhelmed. She calls Akash and expresses her joy regarding the food. She also take the phone number of him so that she could order food from him.
Sachin is requested by Aaji to travel together but he doesn’t to be surrounded by Sayali. He totally rejects the proposal of his grandmother. She can’t imagine how Sayali and Sachin are still fighting even few months after their marriage.

That office staff comes in the parlour of Roshni and misbehaves with her. He threates that he will leak all the secrets of Roshni. She becomes chickened out by the threatening words. Suddenly Tejas comes there and lashes him out for his misbehaviour with Roshni. He hits the man and announces their marriage to him so that he will not dare to disturb her again. Tejas protects Roshni from all the hazards and expresses his deep love towards her.

Paresh comes in the village to meet Sayali and Sachin. He is warmly welcome by Àji. She informs Paresh that in this year, they got a lot of profit for farming and asks Sayali to take that money. She also regards her as the Laxmi of the house. But Sachin makes fun of the image of Sayali. When the friends of Sachin ask him about their trip, Sachin doesn’t regard as their honeymoon trip. They assume that some positive feelings will grow in Sachin for Sayali in this trip.

Episode ends.

Precap : when Sachin will again raise his voice against Tejas about money laundering issue, Sayali will remind him that he also is the son of Paresh.

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