Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 Written Update: Aaji’s plan to bring Sayali and Sachin together

Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the conversation between Sachin and Paresh. Sachin wants his money back from Tejas, sayali feels very irritated hearing the condition of Sachin. She rebukes Sachin for thinking about the money but Sachin wants his money back by hook or crook.

Paresh and Aaji both offer Pooja to the temple for the well being of Sachin and Sayali. Aaji also prays for the happy future of Tejas. Sachin still believes that Tejas will betray this girl also on his wedding day.

Sachin and Sayali try to build up a friendship between them. Seeing them together, both Paresh and Aaji feel very happy. Aaji hopes that Sayali will change his life forever since she is a good human being.

After a while, Paresh calls Sachin aside and requests him not to fight with Tejas. He is trying to change himself marrying Roshni. But he needs a chance to change himself. But again Sachin reminds that he needs the full money before his marriage. Sayali promises that she will be there for his family. Aaji appreciates the good heart of Sayali who can fix everything even after having the betrayal in her life.

Again Sachin and Sayali start their fighting. Sachin feels very bad when Sayali claims that Sachin always wasted money for the alcohol. Sachin assures that he won’t waste the money. Coming into the house, Aaji teaches them both some healthy manners so that they could lead their life together. But Sachin doesn’t want to follow the rules of Aaji. Sayali understands that Aaji has been trying to bring them together.

Roshni feels very irritated when she calls form her mother. She doesn’t want to talk with her mother. Actually Krish wants to talk with Roshni for once but Roshni doesn’t want any involvement with Krish. She becomes emotional. Her friend asks her why she is not talking with Krish, Roshni says she wants to free Iife with her son but it is the prime timeto build up her own career.

In the night, Sachin wants to write down on the floor but Aaji doesn’t let it happen. She wants a beautiful chemistry between Sachin and Sayali.

Paresh wants to talk with Roshni’s father but she gives a wrong number. She intentionally avoids this issue.

Episode ends.

Precap : Sayali and Sachin will come in a temple to offer their Pooja.

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