Udne Ki Aasha 7th June 2024 Written Update: Sayali and Sachin’s journey together

Udne Ki Aasha 7th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sayali who is seen working in the very morning. Coming into the room of them, Aaji realises that Sayali and Sachin didn’t sleep together in the bed, she feels extremely irritated failing to build up the friendship between them. She rebukes Sachin for not taking care of Sayali. Waking up in the morning, Sachin requests his grandmother to make a cup of tea which he extremely loves. Aji feels very irritated seeing the innocence of Sachin. Sachin is asked to take Sayali in a village tample but Sachin gets suprised why his grandmother has been sending them together always.

Seeing her own wedding cards, Roshni feels happy. Paresh asks Roshni whether her father will come in the wedding programme or not, Roshni assures that her father will attend the wedding program definitely. Paresh doesn’t feel okay with the behaviour of Roshni. The absence of others, Roshni is asked by her friend whether she could manage this lie. She confidently says that she will manage this bringing a false man as her father.

Aaj wants to send them together in a village temple in where they will be blessed by the God so that they could lead a happy married life in future. Offering Pooja, they would get the blessing of The Almighty. Sachin feels extremely irritated to be with Sayali, but he is ordered to take Sayali with her in the temple for the next 11 days. He totally denies to be with Sayali. Finally the order of his grandmother Sachin, he gets agreed to take her with him.

Sitting on a bike, they are about to head out together towards the temple. When Sayali puts her hand on the shoulder of Sachin, Sahin feels tickled in his body.

Shakuntala suggests Roshni to give her at least 10 gram gold. Otherwise her father will be disappointed for the selection of Roshni’s choice of life partner. Coming into the house, Renuka suggests Paresh to arrange the the money of the retirement as soon as possible, otherwise they couldn’t perform the wedding ceremony of Tejas and Roshni. Since she doesn’t have enough money to give the gold to Roshni, she becomes dependent on her husband about this matter.

On the way of their journey, Sachin shows a very amicable behaviour to Sayali, which pleases her. With the help of Sachin, she offers her prayers and Pooja to the Almighty.

Episode ends.

Precap : Renuka will come in the village to see the money from her mother in law, at first she will want to impress her to get her favour.

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