Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 Written Update: Sachin takes care of Sayali

Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the new journey of Sayali and Sachin. In the midst of the way, Sachin decides to visit one of his friends and drops Sayali in the house of Roshni to meet Krishna for a while. She gets found of that little child. When she starts talking with the grandmother of Krishna she comes to know that her daughter is going to marry someone.

After completing the work, Riya calls Akash when he was busy in his job of the restaurant. She becomes curious about his prepared food and orders him few foods. She confesses that she has been becoming a fan of the talent of Akash who really serves the most delicious food of the town. Aakash also prefers Riya since she was the first customer of his struggled career. They both decide to meet for once.

After few hours stylish starts playing cricket with Krishna. Suddenly a car comes towards them when it is about to hit Krishna, she runs towards him and saves the life of the little child. Sachin immediately stops the car and punishes the driver. He also insists the driver to apologize to Sayali. When Sachin notices that Sayali has injured in her legs, Sachin treats him humbly and carefully puts a bandageto the injury. The grandmother of Krishna thanks her for shaving the life of the little child.

Taking Sayali in his lap, Sachin takes her into the house because she can’t able to walk properly due to the injury of her legs. Seeing them together, She becomes overwhelmed and feels very peaceful in her mind. She thinks that Sayali and sahib are coming other. Sachin tells that Sayali has made an accident. Aaji becomes impatient and rebukes Sachin not taking care of Sachin.

Aaji calls Sayali in her room and asks her directly whether there is any physical relationship between Sayali and Sachin. She clears out that it’s not easy to build a fresh relationship with Sachin knows how to take the responsibility, but he doesn’t know how he should love his wife. Whenever she comes to him to owe him, but Sachin disregards Sayali from his life. Aaji suggests Sayali to embrace Sachin with love. He will definitely response. She also hopes that Sachin will start to love her very soon. Before returning home, she wants to build a strong mental and physical bonding this new wedded couple.

Episode ends.

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