Udne Ki Asha: Aaji gives the Profit to Sachin and Sayali, Renuka goes Berserk

Udne Ki Asha: Renuka decides to impress Aaji to get Money, Aaji gets Suspicious

Star Plus’s show Udne ki Asha is garnering popularity with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to keep the audience hooked to their screens.

Aaji gets furious and irritated knowing that Sachin and Sayali sleep away from each other. She doesn’t understand how to bring them closer.

Aaji mocks Sachin while Sachin doesn’t understand her words and asks her to bring Tea for him. She gets irritated with him.

Aaji decides to send them to the Temple so that their issues gets resolved and they both become close to each other.

Aaji gets Furious

Aaji asks Sachin and Sayali to go for Ten Days to which Sachin gets shocked. He denies to be near Sayali for that long. He can’t tolerate her. Aaji gets more furious.

Aaji forces Sachin and Sayali to go to the Temple and having no other choice, Sachin agrees to go with her. He behaves good with on the way pleasing her.

Renuka wants Money for Tejas Wedding to which she asks Paresh to arrange Pension Money to which he denies.

Renuka then decides to impress Aaji to get Money from her but Aaji gives the Profit to Sayali impressed with her. Renuka gets Furious.

What will happen Next?

What will Sayali do?

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