Udne Ki Asha: Renuka meets Roshini’s Mother in the Village, Sachin enjoys the Drama

Udne Ki Asha: Sayali Helps Renuka in Impressing Aaji

Star Plus’s show Udne ki Asha is garnering popularity with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to keep the audience hooked to their screens.

Sachin and Sayali go to the Temple while Sayali is pleasently pleased with the way Sachin has treated on the way to The Temple.

Sayali gets surprised seeing the environment there and asks Sachin about their Life Style to which Sachin tells her about the Way they want and grow Food.

Sayali and Sachin walk around there while Sayali asks him as to why did he come there for Education in his Childhood which he ignores.

Aaji gets Furious

Sachin and Sayali come back Home after paying their Prayers to The God to which Sachin asks Aaji to massage his Shoulders.

Aaji asks Sayali to massage his shoulders to which Sachin denies and says that he doesn’t want Sayali to touch him to which Aaji gets furious.

Sayali then massages his shoulders gently which he enjoys it but then tells her that he will manage by himself.

Sayali helps Renuka in Impressing Aaji while Sachin enjoys the Drama. Renuka too meets Roshini’s Mother but is not aware of her Identity.

What will happen Next?

What will Sayali do?

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