Udne Ki Asha: Sayali to LOST her father?

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Star Plus daily soap “Udne Ki Asha” will be going to telecast a twisting scene. Alok will roam in the road alone being insulted in the police station. Sayali will fail to find out her father. After few hours, Alok will come to the railline to end up his own life. At that same time, Paresh will run a train. The accident will take plan and Alok will lost his life.

In the current episode, Joohi and Shobha prepare for Alok but when Joohi goes to serve the food, Alok is not there in the house. The whole family become freaked out. Sayali decides to file a missing report in the police station so that she could get a help from them. police come in their home and ask them to visit the morgue for once. Sayali couldn’t able to stand by herself. She is asked to identify an unidentified body. On the request of the police officer, the dead body is unveiled for once and seeing the face of the body, they all break down in tears. It is Alok, father of Sayali.

Paresh suffers from a immense guilt when her returns from the last day of the job. Alok tried to sacrifice his own life infront of the running train. Paresh was the driver of that train. Paresh’s restless mind couldn’t able to get over the accident. He also asks Sachin to find out that man who lost his life.

In the next episode, a group of goon will come in the house of Sayali to take their rent. He also puts a very bad eye on Sayali.

Will Sayali able to save her father?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes, so, yess, keep watching Udne Ki Asha for more interesting updates!

It will be interesting to watch the struggle of Sayali to get back her stability of the life. Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.