Udne Ki Asha: Sayali tries to Expose Roshini, Renuka and Tejas call Sayali Insecure and Hateful

Udne Ki Asha: Roshini’s Business goes Downhill, Paresh’s Home gets into a Danger

Star Plus’s show Udne ki Asha is garnering popularity with it’s interesting twists and turns. The High Voltage Drama is able to keep the audience hooked to their screens.

Renuka brings Ten Lakhs after Mortgaging her Home and brings it to Roshini. She gives her the Money to which Roshini Promises her.

Roshini feels Happy and Smart after managing to get the Money from her and shows it to her Friend who asks her whether she Loves Tejas.

Roshini tells her that she does Love Tejas and will definitely Pay him back his Money. She starts Business settings with her Friends.

Renuka gets Panicked

Renuka comes back Home but when Paresh asks her about the Vegetables, she tells him that she didn’t go for that and covers it up.

Renuka tells him about Tejas Alliance with Roshini to which Paresh asks her not to do something that will do bad for them and put them in another Trouble.

Sayali tries to Expose Roshini while Renuka and Tejas call Sayali Insecure and Hateful. Later Roshini’s Business goes Downhill which leads to Paresh’s Home getting into a Danger.

What will happen Next?

How will Sayali save the Home?

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