Umber Jafri talks about his music career, next release and more

  1. What next for you?

I’m working on a cover which will be the next release , looking at getting proper rights to the song so we can have a big release and post that two originals for which work on audio track has already started

2. A lot of music albums have been releasing what’s your take on it ?

I wish music albums were getting released what we have now are singles and people listen to compilations instead of a particular artist , now whether this a good thing or a bad thing I don’t know it would be for the trade pandits or music labels to answer that but I always notice when you have too many options to make a choice from you don’t give much brewing time to the track you choose and quickly move to the next , so I definitely feel there’s a lack of patience amongst us now which was not our mentality when it was only albums releasing.. we would usually buy one album and listen to the whole thing

3. What is the era of music you want to recreate and bring back?

 Every era of music can be worked with the older dated ones are more unique to work with because with the new technology you can really give a face lift to these melodies ,almost give them a new life , do the unimaginable and put your strokes of artistry on them n they are good go.

4. Are you a trained singer? Please throw some light on it.

Yes I train under Sunil Bargaonkar ji for Hindustani classical music from the last 9 years.

5. How did music happen to you?

We had a musical environment in the house my mother use to sing for radio and we always had either radios or tape recorders playing in the background through most of the day.

6. If there are a few songs you want to recreate which ones would they be?

As I said we have already started work on two more originals to kind of bring rock ballads to mainstream listening and to answer to your second part of the question I was thinking it will very interesting to hear this huge club song like Kinna Sona Tanu rab ne banaya in a very soft string romantic version .. it will be quite a thing I’ll soon put out a reel on insta to tell you what I’m talking about.