Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12 Written Update: Queen finds a prospective bride for Crown Prince.

The episode starts with Queen coming to Crown Prince chamber who’s getting ready in his attire. She advises him to be alert as there are people who’s ready to bring him down. She gifts him a knee cap saying that he need to bow down a lot now from scholar to King and people. Seong Nam greets his grandmother who indirectly mocks him but Seong Nam gives it back to her. He comes out and Ui Seong and Consort Hwang pay him respects. He acknowledges Ui Seong and takes his leave while the former feels humiliated. King asks Park to take up the post of Taxation Minister given the country’s economy. Park agrees to stay in the palace only when he gets to tutor the Crown Prince. King agrees to let him take up the post but also handle the Taxation Minister affairs. Park gives in. Queen Do Wager meets with Consort Hwang and Prince Ui Seong. He asks her to bestow her support to him so that he could take up his last chance. Do Wager says he’s special to her and will always keep an eye on him. Consort Hwang recalls her checking Ui Seong during the paternity test and gets scared. Ui Seong leaves the palace asking his mother to take care of things so that he could come back.

Queen gets to know from Court Lady that welcome orientation will take place and she is sure that the Crown Prince will be probed and humiliated by many people especially Chief State Councilor. AS expected he poses tricky questions to Crown Prince but Crown Prince answers tactfully that he had no option but agree that he was outstanding. Cheong Ah sees about new Crown Prince and a marriage ban till the Crown Princess is selected. Queen doesn’t want any of Do Wager’s people to become the Crown Princess as she could use it against the Crown Prince. She personally goes as a commoner to Consort go to check on the eligible candidates. She seelcts two and one among them is Chief Royal Secretary. Consort Tae also mingles as commoner to collect details and circles the same person. She says it to the Queen. Suddenly Queen hears some chaos and finds Cheong Ah fighting with a buyer for a divorced woman. She scolds the buyer for buying the golden pin from the woman at such a low just because people consider buying from a divorcee is inauspicious. She finds everyone ready to buy it when it’s her who is selling it. She drops the golden pin on mud and the price still remains the same. She says that woman are like the golden pin whose value will not be degraded just because their husband abandoned them. Queen admired her and stepped I to resolve the issue. The lady thanks Cheong Ah and Queen and leaves.

Queen suspects that Cheong Ah is a nobleman’s daughter. She meets with Cheong Ah and asks asks about the laws to divorce woman . Chong Ah calls it unfair when the Queen says to her about the three always to protect women who fall in the seven laws of divorce. Cheong Ah still calls it unfair as there are seven spears to attack woman and only three to shield. Queen likes her thoughts and why didn’t she sign up for the post of Crown Princess. Cheong Ah says that she’s not interested as she already love someone. She shows her the portrait of Seong Nam and the Queen gets surprised. She says he’s the Crown Prince but Cheong Ah doesn’t believe it. Queen says that she is someone from palace and she knows well that he’s the Crown Prince. Cheong Ah gets excited and agrees to sign up for the contest. Wueen asks her to not reveal that she was already involved with the Crown Prince as it could be disadvantageous in royal family. Cheong Ah takes her advise and leaves. Do Wager is interviewing Minister Yoon’s daughter while Queen gets troubled knowing that Cheong Ah is also Minister Yoon’s daughter who’s loyal to Do Wager but already have a plan. Seong Nam looks at the ome half of shell gifted by Cheong Ah while she has the other half. Cheong Ah barges in wanting to sign up for the Crown Princess post. Do wager agrees to help her upon a condition hat she would stay loyal to her. Do Wager wants to find a worst bride for bringing down the Crown Prince and Minister Yoon understands it. He confronts Do Wager about it who asks him to sacrifice his one daughter for the other two tobecome the Crown Princess.

Queen learns about Physician Kwon returning and decides to capture him to know about the death of late Crown Prince. Kwon made Seon Dok in take poison lying about the medicine and he dies. King gers worried about the rebels and is keeping watch on deposed Queen and her son. Kwon meets with Consort Hwang who wants to e back in palace. She also wants him back so that he could again kill the current Crown Prince. Next day, the candidates come for the Crown Princess contest. Do Wager support Yoon while Queen pretends like supporting Lady Min. After several rounds Cheong Ah gets selected as the Crown Princess. Seong Nam learns that Do Wager’s supporter won the contest without knowing that it Cheong Ah. Cheong Ah is shown her cabin where Queen was already present. She greets her and recalls promising Yoon to protect his daughter unlike Do Wager. In return she asks for him to extend his support to Crown Prince. Queen herself prepares Yoon from studies to disciplinary. Finally Crown Prince is wedded with Cheong Ah. Seong Nam get shocked seeing Cheong Ah is the bride and gets angry that she’s Do Wager’s supporter. He misunderstands that she wooed him for the same. They both becomes a couple and are brought to their first night. Cheong Ah happily looks at him but he leaves angrily from the chamber.