Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8 Written Update: Seong Nam gets attacked on his way to his mission.

The episode starts with Consorts complaining about the contest. Queen comes there and says that Taekhyeon is to choose the best among the Princes and they had to go through the contest to prove themselves. Consort Hwang taunts Queen for placing her position at stake. Queen agrees that she would step down if none of the Grand Princes doesn’t qualify for the Crown Prince position. She taunts Hwang back. After the race it’s archery and Seong Nam recalls his tutoring by Crown Prince and performs well according to it. Next they are given the task to bring Seo Ham Deok and Park Gyeong Yu to the court for the post of Ministry. Queen and King are having a walk when King reveals that unlike him he wants the Crown Prince to be subjected to the right people in court. Queen recalls him missing Gyeong Yu who was really close to him . Prince Bo Gum and Grand Prince Seong Nam were subjected to persuade to bring Park Gyeon Yu to court as Ministry of Taxation while the remaining were sent to find Seo Ham Deok. Ui Seong and Bo Gum selected the horses while Ui Seong drugged the other horses . Seong Nam is forced to tame a wild horse.

Mu An is present in front of astrologer as he don’t want to be a Crown Prince. Astrologer says that he has a very good luck in terms of romance and will soon meet the woman of his fate. He bumps with Cho Wol and finds her carrying his brother’s portrait. Consort Hwang sends instructions to Ui Seong while Consort Tae gets backed by Do Wager and Minister Yoon. Court Lady Shin says about everyone cheating in the contest while the Queen is busy in embroidery. She recalls Seong Nam saying that he was trained directly by the Crown Prince while Queen promises to stop corruption happening as much as possible. Two Royal Consorts took help of the astrologer to find who would be the Crown Prince so that they can side up with their mother. They go to Hwang who asks them to show their loyalty by withdrawing from the contest. Consort Tae is about to send the message to Bo Gum but gets called by Court Lady Shim on the orders of Queen. They all gather at the same place except Consort Ko. Queen says that they are going to do embroidery as a present for cheering up the Crown Prince until the contest ends. She doesn’t let anyone leave the place to do malpractice.

Consort Ko also gives instructions to Prince Shimso to complete the task. Ui Seong also gets hold of the clue. Seong Nam is on his way when he gets attacked by bandits who tries to kill him. He manages to finish them off and resume the journey. King and Queen learns about it and gets very much angry. Queen rushes out making sure that none of the Consorts leave the embroidery place. Song Nam forcefully crosses the sea while Shimso gets robbed off on his way. Seong Nam manages to meet Park Gyeonyu who’s blind and teaching calculations to kids. Seong Nam risks his life to prove that he’s not blind and gets a chance for himself and Bo Gum to persuade him the next three days. He gets shocked when Bo Gum doesn’t help him even if his life was at stake. The Ministers in court were scared for the return of Park and Seong as they did injustice with them. King calls Chief State Councilor and enquires whether he was behind the attack on Seong Nam. He blackmails him with the truth that it was his mother who killed the Crown Prince and him being a witness kept a closed mouth about the same. King couldn’t argue back. Queen suspected that it was not bandits but a planned attack on Grand Prince.

Queen angrily confronted King for halting the Investigation as it could erase all the evidence. King tries to persuade her but Queen says that she herself will investigate about it as a mother of her child. She takes the arrow and goes to the Consorts. She says about the attack while Consort Hwangshivers a bit. Queen notices her and swears to kill the one who tried to kill Grand Prince. She sends everyone out and court Lady Shin asks why did she let them go. She says that they need to be freed to find who’s the culprit. She finds the Bandit leader’s neck swollen and opens it to find a portrait of Seon Nam asking to kill him. She asks her men to tail those who leaves the palace to meet the subordinate in the bandit and find who’s behind the incident. Hwang is scared of getting caught as she only summoned them to stop Seong Nam and not kill him. Chief State Councilor decides to investigate about the same. Queen’s men follow them to find traces of subordinate. Seong Nam and Bo Gum stays at Park’s place where Bo Gum behaves cold and calculative with Seong Nam. Next day he gets to sea shore. Cho Wol meets with hima nd excitedly hugs him while sending message to her father. Councilor’s men catch the subordinate leader but he escapes from them and get caught by Queen’s men. Queen tortures him to say the truth. He confesses that they were first hired to stop Seong Nam but another lady came and asked them to kill Seong Nam. She identifies who is it and angrily goes to Do Wager’s place. She presents her with a poisonous flower and reveals that she was aware that it’s her who want Seong Nam killed. She swears to make her life hell if she doesn’t stop messing with Seong Nam’s life.