Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 9 Written Update: Queen takes in the abandoned Prince Simso.

The episode starts with Queen Do wager looking at the poisonous pin gifted by Queen. She swears to  never let any of the Grand Princes to become the Crown Prince. Queen provides the proofs to King who’s bewildered that his mother wanted to kill her own grand child. Queen asks him to investigate properly and punish everyone who were involved. King angrily goes to confront his mother who pretends to be severely sick. She puts up an emotional act saying that she can never harm her grandchild. King scolds Queen for gifting poisonous pin to Do Wager which gave her a free pass to escape. He’s equally disappointed with her. Queen asks her to quit her act and Do Wager mocks the Queen. Queen challenges Do Wager. Gye Seong and Ui Seong were after Seo Ham deok who’s now living as Monk Hae Ham. Ui seong figures out that the Monk loves money. Court Lady Shin says Queen about Consort Tae often spotted at Do Wager’s place. Queen believes that she has either only Ui Seong in her mind or both Bo Geum and Ui Seong to make the Crown Prince.

She commences a meeting with Consort Tae and asks abouther close ally with Do Wager. Queen says that she wants one of the Grnad Prince to become Crown Prince. However, she also informs her about Do Wager being unwell and Consort Tae rushes to meet her. She presents the captured one has proof. However she reveals about Queen Do Wager wanting to kill her son and pin the blame on him so that Bo Guem becomes the Crown Prince, she sows seeds of doubt in his mind while he gets angry. Seng Nam finds the labourers getting very less apid by  Ui Seong and Gye Seong notices Monk Hae Ham fighting with a guy who accuse Monk Hae Ham for having an affair with his wife. Hae Ham threatens to kill him if he crosses path with him again. Ui Seong keeps watch on both the man and the Monk. Queen meets with Chief State Councilor and confronts hima bout attacking Gye Seong with the help of bandits. Gye Seong finds war fighting books in Monk’s place. Seong Nam finds the laboureres getting paid very less by Park Gyeon Yu but none seems to complaint about it.

Consort Tae visists Do wager with food and asked about her health. Do wager showers praises at her and shows her dreams of being a Queen. She shares a secret with her about the Grand Prince and also gifts her a prestigious ring. Chief State Councilor and Consort Hwang comes to meet Do Wager but gets stopped as she’s meeting withConsort Tae. Hwang still insists to stay. After sometime, Consort Tae comes out who gets mocked by Hwang but Tae answered back at her. The duo confronts Queen Do Wager for changing her stance and supporting B Gum. Do wager makes it clear that it’s her who decides to select the Crown Prince and they enter into a heated argument and the duo left angrily. Queen proposes Minister Yoon to stay neutral between Do wager and Chief State Councilor. Park sold all the sea food and he asks them how did he earn so well. Both give their answers but he’s more satisfied with Song Nam’s answer. Seong Nam analyses Park’s character but Bo gum is not interested in it. Seong Nam stops the boat from leaving as Cho Wol didn’t board yet. She sold her ribbon to but counting sticks box Seong Nam wanted to have and he’s impressed with her. He gifts the box to the kid and both Cho Wol and Park witnesses it.

Consort Tae spread rumours about Gye Seong not being the royal blood. Prince Sim so comes back in a terrible state but is denied entry into the palace. His mother come sthere and lashes out at him for coming back like coward. He starves and asks for food but she sent him back with her ribbon. He falls down unconscious. At Coutesan’s place a guy tries getting close to Mu An’s girlfriend but he stops on time. He confesses his love to her and asks her not to become a courtesan. Cho Wol wants to stay with Park too and he leaves her responsibility to Seong Nam. Both Seong Nam amd Bo gum left their room for Cho Wol and barged themselves into Park’s place inavading his privacy. Court Lady Shin finds unconscious Prince Sim So and Queen takes him in and feeds him. His mother angrily barges in and pushes the food away. Queen warns her to behave but she mocks her and leaves insulting Shim So calling him a shame. Shim So’s mother wants revenge and so searches through Gye Seon’s stuff. She finds his portrait as a woman. Gye Seong decodes that the Monk has planned an attack on the kingdom.

Consort Ko hands over the painting to Consort Hwang asking her to make use of it against the Queen. She wants to get revenge on the Queen. The next day, the Queen checks upon Shim So and finds him hanged. She immediately rushes him to medical center to revive his pulse. Thankfully, it gets revived. Consort Ko rushes in tears and  finds Queen trying to cover up about the suicide. Queen asks her to leave and also explains her mistake to her. She also advises Shim So that he isn’t useless but he just have chosen different paths. Sim So takes off his name card but doesn’t acknowledge his mother.

Gye Seong confronts the Monk when he gets arrested for murdering the man with whom he was fighting before. It’s revealed that it was all a plan by Ui Seong to force him to either accept death for murder punishment or come with him to palace. Physician Kwon sends a message that he’s coming back to Hwang. It’s revealed that Master To Ji, Kwon and the Monk were all plotting against the current King and his rule. Queen also learns about Kwon’s involvement with Hwang.