Upcoming twist to bring big storm in Anurag and Prerna’s life: Kasauti Zindagi Kay

Star Plus famous daily Kasauti Zindagi Kay is gearing up for huge twists and turns.

Show Kasauti Zindagi Kay is already witnessing high voltage drama. So far in the show, Veena agrees for Viraj and Prerna’s marriage. Here, Komolika feels Basu’s are melting towards Prerna and complaints to Mohini about the same. Meanwhile, Anurag seeks into Viraj’s house to find the clue against him as he doubts him. He discovers that Viraj is a fraud and is fooling Prerna and him. Other side, Prerna learns that Anurag’s growth has stopped because Komolika changed his medicines. Thus, he is not able to revive his memories.

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Now in the upcoming episode will see Anurag will try to alert Prerna not to meet Virat as is a fraud. Here, Komolika instigate Prerna and sends her to meet Virat. Virat at his farm house will wait for Prerna. After Prerna will reach Virat will put her at the gun point. Anurag too will reach the farm house and will see the blood on the floor. Meanwhile, Virat’s men will make Anurag unconscious. What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay new promo is raising the curiosity more. The voice over in the new promo says “New destiny will be written by Blood”- Kasauti Zindagi Kay. Check Out the promo below.

Well, what has been stored for you, keep watching Kasauti Zindagi Kay mon-fri on Star Plus. Do Anurag’s memories will be back with this new twist or Prerna and Anurag will be separated forever? Time will only tell.

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