Vaidhegi Kaathirudhaal: Scorpion to bite Vaidhegi

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Vaidhegi Kaathirundhaal is a newly launched serial in Star Vijay Tv. This show now concentrating on Kanagarathinam bring Poornima to act as Vaidhegi in his home unaware of thr truth she is real Vaidhegi!

In Today’s episode we see; Vijay is checking his kaleidoscope. Vaidhegi gives his power bank to him. She says to him that she is first time seeing him spending time without his laptop and tab. Vijay tells her it’s her office actually she wanna take care of all business but he is taking care of her in her absence. Vaidhegi says to him it will suit to him only reasoning she is not educated at all and don’t know to talk in English. Vijay tells her that if she didn’t went missing may she would have studied a lot and become successful then him. Vaidhegi checks the Kaleidoscope he shares the story behind it to her. Poornima feels that real Vaidhegi is lucky to get him in her life. Aarthi and Kaveri notices Amuthanayaki lost in her thoughts she wishes to escape from her but she stop them.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Amuthanayaki will demand Kaveri to bring the wooden box from store room. Kaveri and Aarthi will go to check it and think she gonna give all jewels to Vaidhegi. They will find out the box and open it. They will get shock to find out the scorpion in it. Kaveri will plot against Vaidhegi. Amuthanayaki will ask Vaidhegi to open the box. Unfortunately scorpion will bite Vaidhegi she will cry in pain.

What will happen next? Will Vaidhegi find out her real identity? When will Vijay fall in love with Vaidhegi?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all question stay tune with our space for more update.