Vansh to get angry at Riddhima for calling Kabir: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

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Show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is gearing up for twisted drama.

Last we reported, Riddhima gets adamant to know the truth about the effigy. Vansh help her in knowing about Ragini. Here, Aryan seed doubt in Riddhima’s mind that if Vansh gets angry he can even kill anyone. Riddhima somehow manage to pass the information to Kabir. Kabir asks Riddhima to hunt for Vansh’s secret box in which he keeps the record of his near ones. Luck favors Riddhima and she gets a picture of Ragini on which Ragini’s father number was mentioned. Riddhima speaks to Ragini’s father and she gets restless learning someone from Singhania house killed Ragini. She doubts Vansh. Further, Mrs. Dsouza double crossed Riddhima, as per Vansh’s instruction.

Now in the upcoming episode, Riddhima will call Kabir and will inform him that Vansh killed Ragini’s father. Kabir and Vansh’s face-off will happen at VR Mansion. Kabir will attempt to arrest Vansh but Vansh will surpass the test.

Later, Vansh will warn Riddhima. He will ask her not to cross limit. Vansh will also make Riddhima understand three things: he will disclose that he didn’t murder Ragini, the man wasn’t Ragini’s father and he also doesn’t kill that perdon. He will fume in anger and will disclose that he knows she is the one who called Kabir. Riddhima hearing Vansh will stand shocked.

Do Riddhima’s truth will be exposed in front of Vansh? Do Vansh is fooling Riddima or he is innocent, well for all the answers keep watching Ishq Mein Marjawan2 mon-sat on Colors TV.

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