Vansh to learn about Kabir’s kidnapping? Ishq Mein marjawan

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Show Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for high voltage drama.

Last we reported, Riddhima distracts Vansh and fetches a black box in his absence. Vansh decodes that Riddhima tried to trick him. He rushes home and checks CCTV. Vansh spots Riddhima with the box and follows her. Riddhima dumps the box inside a bin. Vyom takes the box and leaves.

Angre gets upset learning from Vansh that Riddhima managed to steal the black box. Vansh than discloses to Angre that box is safe with him. Kiara over hears Vansh’s talk with Angre. Later, Kiara tries to seduce Vansh. Riddhima interrupts Vansh and Kaira. Afterwards, Vansh spends quality time with Riddhima. Riddhima says to Vansh that she wants to tell something important. Vansh asks Riddhima to speak up. Riddhima asks Vansh to wait till evening.

Furthermore, Riddhima spends quality time with Vansh. She recalls her moments with Vansh. Vansh gets smitten with Riddhima’s effort. He further asks Riddhima to tell what important talk she wants to share. Meanwhile, Vyom calls Riddhima. He tells her that black box is fake. Riddhima confronts Vansh about cheating upon her by exchanging black box. Vansh says to Riddhima that not he but she is lying to him. Later, Vansh discloses changing black box color to orange.

Now in the upcoming episode, drama will galore in the show with Riddhima shifting Kabir to some other place. Vansh will reach the place and will confront Riddhima about playing games with him. It will be interesting to watch, do Vansh will reach Kabir or it is Riddhima’s dream? Well, time will only tell. Keep watching the show mon-sat on voot select.

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