Vanshaj 10th February 2024 Written Update: Dj and Yuvika both play along.

Vanshaj 10th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Rose informing Yuvika that the Mahajans have been trying to dig out her past. She says that she likes these kinds of challenges. She says that this time the fight would be at par and Dj won’t be able to win this time. Suddenly Dj appears from inside the swimming pool and starts talking to Yukti. He asks for a minute and then comes back with a bouquet for her. He apologises to Yukti and says that they are still trying to cope up with Yuvika’s loss.


Yukti asks why he felt like Yuvika would come back and that too with a different identity. He says that he is here to apologise and also to take back the deal. Yukti says that she needs to test if he is really good to women. He asks what he can do. She asks him to make a nice cocktail and some sandwiches. As he orders Koyel to do it for him at first, she reminds him to do it on his own. He prepares it for Yukti herself but she says that her mood has changed now and she doesn’t want to have it anymore. She asks him to give it to a woman resting nearby. He does accordingly.

Koyel tells Yukti that Dj does everything seriously and he is also trying to take this deal seriously. Dj gives a rose to Yukti and asks if he passed his test. Yukti says that she is impressed but this isn’t the end. He waits for Yukti at the lounge and when she comes, he makes a request to her. He invites Yukti to come and stay at the Mahajan house and takes the responsibility of her luxury and comfort. Yukti takes a sip of her drink and agrees.

Yukti is brought to the Mahajan house. Gargu welcomes her and thanks her for letting them show their hospitality. Dj bugged the house with mini cameras all over to check every movement of Yukti. She realises that there are cameras all over the house. Bhoomi comes running to Yuvika and hugs her again. She says she knew she would come back. She asks her to come with her and asks her to leave her alone. She applies sanitizer on her hands. She says sorry to Bhoomi for her loss and says she can’t do anything more for her. She asks her to stay away from her and shows her arrogance to Bhoomi on purpose. Arjun scolds Yukti for talking to Bhoomi like this but Bhoomi scolds Arjun back.

Dj asks Arjun to have control over his emotions and reminds him of his control over Bhoomi’s heart beat. Dj shows Yukti the way to her room. She tells Dj that she wonders how can she trust him since everyone was giving her a cold shoulder the previous night so it might be possible that he has brought her home to test if she is Yukti for real and put spy cameras in her room. Episode ends.

Precap : Dj to test Yukti using Bhoomi.

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