Vanshaj 10th June 2024 Written Update: DJ’s dirty game with Yuvika

Vanshaj 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the judge punishing Yuvika for fraudulent. Neel meets Yuvika in front of the court. She says to him that she can’t prove her identity to anyone. She says that she isn’t a coward to break down for it. They are keep challenging her life. Mahajans snatched her identity from her. She will definitely come back strongly. Her only concern is mom. She requests him to take care of her mom. Just tell her that Yuvika will back to her. She wipes his tears. The constable takes Yuvika from there. She recalls her moments with Neel. They shares an emotional eye lock. Yuvika recalls the way she lost her father. DJ tried to kill her. He tortured her mom. The way he tortured her siblings. She thinks that she doesn’t know how will they live in that house without her. Meanwhile, DJ celebrating their success. Gargi appreciates DJ for his efforts. She says that she is happy because Yuvika went behind the bars for 5 years. She is Chinky for others. She can’t prove her identity to others. Gargi says that she wanted to see her out of her sight always. Chinky asks DJ will he give a private jet to her. He assures her. Chinky says that all her dreams are going to be fulfilled. She feels like flying in the air. Koyel asks her to be in her limit. If she tries to fly over the sky she will fall down. We are paying money to her to act like Yukti not to do a drama.

Chinky asks Koyel if DJ don’t have any issues with her then why she is burning. DJ asks them to calm down. He sent Yuvika to a dangerous jail. Its very dangerous. All the prisoners are thugs. Yuvika is not able to breath inside the jail. Those prisoners are ready to kill anyone for small amount. They won’t hesitate to do it. He adds that more then that a special inspector is inside the jail. She is dangerous then the gangsters. She will teach a lesson to all the prisoners. Yuvika can’t live in that jail. Meanwhile, Yuvika reached to the cell. The warden informs the inspector that a new prisoner came. She was waiting for her. The inspector says that she has to meet her asap. The warden asks Yuvika to remove her clothes. Yuvika gets emotional and removed her clothes.

The warden asks her to change her clothes. She breaks down with tears. The inspector asks the warden what have she done? She says that she is a thief. She asks her to put her inside 8 no. Cell. Meanwhile, Yuvika comes there. The warden asks her to say her name to the madam. She mentioned Yuvika. The inspector scolds her for lying to her. She demands her to say her real name. The warden says that she is Chinky arora. She is a fraud. The inspector asks her why she isn’t answering to her. If she stays quiet then she can make sure that she will talk fluently. Yuvika apologized to her. The inspector asks her to clean her shoe. She is about to clean her shoe with the saree. She demands her to clean it with her tongue. The inspector says that she listened to her. Her rules applied in this jail. She demands them to put her in the cell no 9. She says that it’s a dangerous cell. She says to the warden that she is from rich family so we have to give a special treatment to her. Neel says to Boomi that Yuvika will come back. Boomi shares her grief with Neel. Yuvika hesitated to go to her cell.

Episode end

Precap; Boomi requests DJ to release Yuvika.

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