Vanshaj 11th June 2024 Written Update: Boomi’s desperate plea

Vanshaj 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the warden taking Yuvika to her cell. She recalls the way she informed the jailor that cell no 9 is dangerous. Yuvika hesitated to go inside the cell. One of the prisoner asks her if she murdered her husband and got punished? She doesn’t seem like married. The warden asks Shalu to give a place to her. They mistreated Yuvika. She sits in the corner. At night, Yuvika is crying. Shalu asks her doesn’t she getting a proper sleep. She advises to her and introduce herself to Yuvika. Later, Boomi missed Yuvika and sings a song by hugging her photo. Yuvika mistakenly drops the plate down. Prisoners gets irritated. Later, Yuvika is praying along with other prisoners. Shalu asks her if she sleep well? She has to start speaking up or else they will mistreat her. She can’t escape from them. She asks her about it. Shalu refuses to explain her. Prisoners pushed Yuvika and rushes out of the cell. DJ is reading Yuvika’s news and gets happy. Koyel splashes water on him. They drenched in the water. They played in the water together. Meanwhile, Yuvika gets disturbed seeing the prisoners are fighting inside the jail. Two ladies are making fun of her. She asks Yuvika to stay away from Rani. She already killed 17 people. She is dangerous.

Yuvika noticed a woman falls down. She tried to help her but she pushed her down by saying she isn’t a coward. Yuvika thinks that she doesn’t know how she will stay here. Its hard to stay here. She has to find a way to escape from here. She won’t give up. Meanwhile, DJ discussing with Koyel about the business. He says that he will marry her once this business deal is over. Koyel says that she is happy for the news. But mom wanted to fix their wedding before her election. DJ assures her that he will fulfil her wish. Boomi comes there. He gets irritated. He says to her that she shouldn’t say that Yuvika is her daughter. She isn’t het daughter but a fraud. Boomi says that he can fool this world but not her. She is Yuvika and her daughter. She came here to ask him something. She asks him to bring back her daughter to her. He sent her to the jail. She will die in that jail. Once she get her daughter then she will leave from this house along with her family members. She asks him to bring back her daughter. He asks her to wait.

DJ says that he is going to record this video of her. He wanted to record it. Boomi asks him to return her daughter to him. She is begging to him. She assures him that she will take Yuvika far from this place. She asks him to bring back her daughter. DJ asks urr to leave. He will consider about it. Koyel asks DJ if he really going to take Yuvika out of the jail? He says that he isn’t a fool to bring her back to home. But he will definitely go to the jail to meet Yuvika. He will show this video to her. She will get anger but she can’t do anything. He likes to enjoy her expression. Meanwhile, Yuvika noticed Rani is sitting with her fellow prisoners. Shalu introduce them to Yuvika. Meanwhile, Chinky says to Isha and Arjun that they have to vacate this place. Boomi says that they won’t leave till Yuvika returns to this house. She asks her to inform DJ about it. Chinky asks her if she threatening her. She leaves from there. Boomi says to her children that they are blind. She is fighting for the truth. Mahajan played a new game and trapped Yuvika in it. They punished an innocent. Isha and Arjun realised their mistakes. Rani harms a prisoner. She warns them not to raise their tongue against her.

Episode end

Precap; DJ meets Yuvika in the jail. She warns him that he can’t escape from her once she released from this place.

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