Vanshaj 17th November 2023 Written Update: Bhoomi accuses Bhanu of using them as pawns in his game!

Vanshaj 17th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhanu warning Dj, and Gargi that if anything happens to his family, he will destroy all three of them. Gargi tries to defend Dj and says that he is just a kid and apologises on behalf of DJ to Bhanu. She asks him to forgive him. Gargi asks Dj to apologise to Bhanu but Bhanu asks Dj to apologise to Bhoomi. He says sorry to Bhoomi so Bhanu asks him to bend down on his knees, join his hands and apologise. Dj burns with anger but still bends down on his knees and touches Bhoomi’s feet and says sorry. After that Bhanu asks Dj to apologise to the kids specially Yuvika. Dj joins his hands in front of Yuvika and says sorry. Bhanu says that in his life, he has felt ashamed two times once due to his Mashri and now due to him. He asks Dj to go away from in front of him.


Gargi asks the servants to keep Bhoomi’s luggage in their room and welcomes her back. She apologises on DJ’s behalf and says that it won’t be repeated again. Bhoomi remains silent and leaves. Dj recalls the moments when he felt humiliated by Bhanu and hurt his hands. As he bleeds badly, Damini comes and asks him to stop and brings the first aid kit. He puts alcohol in it and refyses to take the first aid. He says that he is doing this so that he remembers all of this pain. Damini asks him to stop as she can’t see him in so much pain.

Yuvika tells Gargi that she won’t let something like this happen to her family again and it’s her responsibility to protect them. Bhanu comes and says that she need not worry now. Yuvika says that it’s not about him protecting them but why would Gargi not protect them being an elderly in the house. She says to Gargi that she doesn’t trust Yuvika at all and she is very sure that if he gets another chance he would do it again. That’s why she is talking to Gargi and not Yuvika. She hopes that Gargi will understand her feelings. Bhanu reminds Gargi that even after so much Yuvika didn’t forget her sanskars. Gargi remains silent throughout the conversation.

Yuvika thanks Vidur for stopping the car. Vidur says that he has learnt alot from her and whatever was left to learn from Prem he has learnt from her. She seeks Vidur’s blessings and guidance. She promises him to do whatever he says when time comes and thereby fulfilling his debt. Yuvika asks Bhanu that he must be very happy to have them all under one roof. He says that definitely he is. Yuvika says that he will never understand a mother’s pain and talks about the accident. He accuses him of taking advantage of the fact that Yuvika sees his father in him. According to her, this is all a game for him and they are all servants here. She says that he has kept all of them in a cage and this is all a game of Vanshaj for him. She says that she came back since she was forced to but if anything happens to Yuvika again she won’t spare anyone.

Yuvika holds Neel’s hand and thanks him for everything and then leaves in her car. Bhanu cries alone recalling Bhoomi’s words. According to him, none of us can run away from our karma and he is also forced to tdo all this since no one else but Yuvika is worthy of handling the entire Mahajan Family and industries after Prem. Episode ends.

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