Vanshaj 1st February 2024 Written Update: Dj plays a victim card.

Vanshaj 1st February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, the doctors testing Yuvika’s DNA. He says to the ward boy that the dead body’s DNA isn’t matching with Yuvika’s. They try to reach Dj but don’t get through. Next morning a man comes with some info about Bhanu. He talks about FDR. He says that everything was okay but suddenly due to a blast his chopper crashed and nothing else left us. Vidur remorses both Yuvika and Bhanu’s death. Dj fakes his concern and says that they need to inform everyone – the media, family etc.

Suddenly Vidur asks the man if he got the crash details today. The man says yes. Then he says that how come the man who played a prank with them knew all these details yesterday. They assure Vidur that they would investigate this issue and submit a full report to him. Dhanraj remains a silent spectator. Next morning, Isha wakes up and sees that Bhoomi isn’t in the room. She and Arjun go looking for Bhoomi.

They find her in the kitchen. She is seen trying to cook suji ka halwa for Yuvika and asks Arjhn to call her and know what she’s saying. Bhoomi thinks she is making halwa but in reality she is moving the spatula in an empty bowl and pan. She goes to change her clothes and asks them to wait until everyone has the food together. Isha says that Bhoomi’s condition is deteriorating and how long are they supposed to lie to her. Isha says that Dj has done all of this and she won’t spare him.

Dhanraj asks Dj if he realises the consequences of his act. He says calmly that he would surely retaliate if someone plays with his rights. He says that he is his son only. Dhanraj says that all evidence is against him and he has already lost everything and doesn’t want to lose him now. He says that Vidur won’t leave any loophole in this investigation. Dj says that he has enough money and money can’t buy anything. He says he would use all the evidence against the Nagar’s. He asks his Dad to relax . He is informed that DNA reports are ready so he asks them to send it to him.

Isha comes to Dj and says if he thinks he would escape after doing anything he likes. He asks if he is the one who did all of this. He says he won’t say anything. She comes out and forces him to say. He says that he did everything but they don’t have any proof so they won’t be able to do anything. He meets the media. He shows his fake concern for Yuvika and Bhanu and calls for a one minute silence.

Arjun sees Bhoomi waiting at the breakfast table for Yuvika staring at the door. Isha holds his collar and asks him to stop his fake drama. The media shoots her video and pictures so Neel calms her down. Dj plays the victim card in front of the media. Vidur also asks Dj to stop his nonsense. He continues his acting and tries to gain sympathy. He asks if anyone has proof against him. He says that if any day proves him guilty he would himself surrender in front of the police. Episode ends.

Precap : Dj would see Yuvika in his car mirror.

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