Vanshaj 1st June 2024 Written Update: Yuvika finds out DJ’s plan

Vanshaj 1st June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gargi saying to Boomi that her daughter returned to home today. DJ gained his consciousness. It’s a lucky day for her today. Chinky (fake Yuvika)
gives a fake smile to Yuvika and leaves. Gargi says to DJ that Yuvika came to meet him. Chinky sits beside him. Yuvika keeps a close watch on them. Gargi pretends like praising Chinky in front of everyone. DJ says that he feels happy to see her back. His sister is with him. His family is with him. Chinky (fake Yuvika) says that he don’t need to feel guilty. Family is everything. Yuvika thinks that she can’t see the surprise in DJ’s eyes. It seems he forgot that he tried to kill Yuvika. He accepted her without any hesitation. It seems he identified the fake Yuvika. DJ asks Chinky not to do over acting. Neel comes there and shocked to see two Yuvika. He thinks how is it possible. Yuvika is thinks how did he got hurt? DJ alerts Chinky that he is her love. Chinky says that she will give a perfect acting now. Chinky hugs Neel and says that he was searching for him, when she came here. She feels relieved after seeing him here. Chinky asks him if he can’t recognise her too? Neel recalls the way Chinky ignored him. Chinky asks him if Yukti said to him that she is his Yuvika. She isn’t blaming that she did it with a wrong intention.

Neel says that he won’t fail to recognise his real Yuvika. If she is saying that she is Yuvika then he will accept it. She shouldn’t care about anyone here. Whether they accept her or not he will accept her. He can recognise his true love. He won’t fail to recognise his Yuvika. Who is loving truly she can’t betray anyone. He hugs her. Yuvika feels hurt to see it. Chinky thinks that he accepted her easily. DJ signals to her. Yuvika leaves from there. Boomi feels sad for her. DJ thanked Gargi for her prayer. Later, Yuvika is thinking about the incident and cries. Neel comes there and touched her shoulder. He says that she is his Yuvika. He is also her Neel. She asks him then why did he hugged Chinky? He says that he said those words while staring her. He can understand that big drama going on here. He thought to act along with them. He doesn’t know what’s going on here. Yuvika narrated to him everything. She says that they fooled her easily. They planned it all when DJ falls into coma.

Yuvika says that she was over confidence. Gargi pretends like confessing the truth. He says that Chinky didn’t recognise her when she saw him first. Neel says that he wasn’t with her when she was in a problem. She asks him what happened to him? She called him manytimes. Neel narrated to her whatever happened. Yuvika says that Multani didn’t inform her that he is going to meet him. Neel says that he has no idea about it. Yuvika thinks that it’s also DJ’s plan. He asks her why she is thinking like that. Yuvika says that she was keeping a close watch on DJ. He wasn’t surprised to see Yuvika. DJ fell down for real. But he wasn’t in a coma. He was acting like he was in a coma. He waited till he create his fake identity. She wasn’t unaware of it all. How will we prove it. Boomi says that we can prove that she is a fake. Meanwhile, Gargi asks DJ what will be Yuvika’s reaction. DJ says that she may find out his plan. We have to proceed with our next plan. Boomi says that we can take DNA test and finger prints test to her. We can’t prove that Yukti is Yuvika but it’s easy to expose fake Yuvika. Later, Yuvika meets Chinky and says to her that she is acting well. Chinky asks her to be in her limit. Yuvika takes her hair samples and Booki takes her finger prints. Later, Neel gives a juice to Chinky. She feels dizzy after she drinks the juice. Neel takes her blood samples from her. Meanwhile, DJ mentioned Chinky as his sister. He asks her how is her acting? They may take her hair samples and finger prints. She nodded to him. Neel says to them that we are waiting for the results. We can prove that she is fake. DJ says that it going to be fun when the results comes out.

Episode end

Precap; Yuvika says to Boomi that Mahajans are planning against her.

Episode end

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