Vanshaj 25th January 2024 Written Update: Bhoomi spends a good time with her kids after a long time.

Vanshaj 25th January 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Arjun coming back home and meeting Isha. He asks Bhoomi what they need to do for Prem’s barsi next day. Yuvika says that Prem is with them together and they must not cry and rather celebrate. Isha says that they must celebrate by sleeping outside together like they used to do in Rishikesh. At night they light a fire and sleep together on their lawn. Bhoomi remains awake and recalls DJ’s words when everyone else falls asleep. Yuvika asks her what’s bothering her. She says that a lot has happened with Dj and he won’t remain silent for sure .

Yuvika says that she is right but seeing Dhanraj today she thought that maybe Dj would also realise his fault. She says that since he is unpredictable she would keep an eye on him. In the middle of the night, Yuvika makes a list of things for Prem’s barsi with Bhoomi’s help. Suddenly she stops and says that she is feeling like something bad is going to happen. Yuvika asks Bhoomi to calm down.

Bhoomi asks Yuvika to step in DJ’s shoes once and then only she’ll know that something bad is going to happen. She asks her to drink some water and asks her to calm down and sleep and says all of this is just a result of over-thinking. Bhoomi has a nightmare in the middle of the night and wakes up with a jolt. She gets up and goes to look for Yuvika. She finds her sleeping peacefully in her room and breathes in relief.

Bhoomi asks her Lord what’s the reason behind her dream and what sign she wants to send her. She prays for the protection of her kids. Next morning, Ruhi dances in joy and shows her USG report to Yuvika and talks about the baby’s cuteness. She thanks Yuvika for all the positive change in this house. She tells Yuvika how the last day she kept Dj away from finding out the truth that Kabir is with them. She thanks her from her heart.

Dj overhears this conversation and burns with anger. Ruhi asks Dj to have some food since he hasn’t had anything since last day. He throws away the food and asks her to stop her drama. He shouts at her and asks if she can’t stand with her husband, she must not stand against him. Ruhi tells her that she doesn’t even know how to behave with his pregnant wife. He blames Ruhi for his downfall but she says that he is himself responsible for his downfall. He asks her to pack her things and leave this house. He talks of ending the reason behind her oversmartness. He tries to punch in Ruhi’s stomach but Yuvika stops him. She warns him. Episode ends.

Precap : Dj would be seen putting Yuvika’s life in danger.

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