Vanshaj 26th January 2024 Written Update: Dj becomes devasted being defeated

Vanshaj 26th January 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the confrontation of Yuvika. She reminds Dj that Roohi is bearing his child in her womb. Yuvika protects Roohi and her child. She threats him if Dj dare to do any harm, she will not spare Dj. The strong decision of Yuvika makes Dj more offended. After leaving of him, Roohi seems very nervous since she was attacked by her husband. Yuvika supports Roohi and hugs to calm her down.


In the jail, Gargi faces a harrasment in the jail. Seeing the live news in the television, other prisoners identifies the Mahajan lady in the same cell. They forcefully opens her veil to see her face. After a while, Gargi is forced to clean the dirty bathroom of the prison. As she didn’t agree to clean the public toilet, the jailer slaps and insists her to clean the toilet. Again the prisoners pulls her leg which makes her truly offended.

On the other hand, Yuvika couldn’t able to connect Bhanu Pratap. Seeing her nervousness, Vidur calms her down and asks her to prepare the board member lists. Yuvika realises she has many other works left to do. Vidur inspires Yuvika to perform well so that she could beat Dj in the upcoming board meeting. She is also handovered a important file in which all the necessary papers are attached.

Dj comes in the jail meeting Gargi. As Gargi expected Dhanraj in the prison, she gets upset not seeing Dhanraj. She also becomes dissapointed when she learns that Dj has failed to arrange the bail for Gargi. But Dj promises that he will do something for his mother. Meanwhile the constable comes and drags her inside. Dj’s furry errupts since Gargi is facing harrassment.

Coming outside, Dj also faces the media but he successfully avoids all the questions. In the midst of the street, he meets a begger who asks some money. Though Dj instantly offers some money, he gives some prophecies of his future. He forecasts the obscure and defeated future seeing his palm line. Taking a piece of glass, Dj tries to change his fixed palm line. He decides to kill Bhanu Pratap.

Episode ends.

Precap : Dj will try to kill Yuvika and Bhanu Pratap both.

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