Vanshaj 27th January 2024 Written Update: Dj traps Yuvika and her family.

Vanshaj 27th January 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Arjun asking Yuvika to taste a kulfi made by Neel. She feels sad looking at it, recalling her old memories of Prem . Bhoomi asks her to not cry and be happy as she only said that they won’t be sad today. Vidur tries Bhanu’s number but it still comes off. Yuvika gourmandises the kulfis made by Neel. Yuvika asks Neel if he agrees to be with her and her family and protect them like he has been doing all this while. He agrees with her. Bhoomi and her kids along with Dhanraj and Ruhi attend Prem’s barsi together. Dj also comes and joins the barsi. He apologises to Yuvika saying that he knows that she doesn’t believe in her. He says that he realises that there are a lot of things that he should have done for her, for her family and his own people.

Vidur gets a call and he gets shocked after hearing something and asks how this is possible. He hangs up the call and says that Bhanu has had an accident. His chopper crashed while he was returning home from his ashram. All of the family members rush to the place where Bhanu has been sent to the hospital. Dj holds Dhanraj’s hand and stops him. He is the one who took revenge on Bhanu. Dj asks how dare he do this. Dj shouts at Dhanraj and asks him to calm down or else he would forget he had a father. Dhanraj gets shocked to see this image of Dj.

Yuvika and her family reach the hospital where Vidur heard Bhanu is kept. They realise that the hospital is too old and very weird. Yuvika stops Neel from getting inside. She calls Bhanu and gets his job dead. Bhoomi agrees with Yuvika and says that they must not stay here and they must leave. Someone screams loudly so Yuvika and Arjun convince Bhoomi that they should go inside once to check what’s wrong.

They go inside and see that everything is crooked inside with lights flashing all over the area and fire strokes out from the switch board. Yuvika suggests that they must find Bhanu in groups since the area is quite big and spread. Someone locks them all inside the place by pulling down a shutter. Vidur realises that something must surely be wrong and rushes to inform Yuvika.

Yuvika, Bhoomi and Isha find a dead body lying inside covered in a white sheet. They go near it and as Yuvika pulls off the sheet from the face, they find some pillows kept in that position to misguide them. Vidur comes running and informs them that the shutter is closed on purpose. Dj laughs at home sitting in front of the fire of Prem’s barsi. They realise that they have been trapped here by providing fake news of Bhanu’s death.

Precap : Dj tries to kill Yuvika.

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