Vanshaj 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Yuvika makes a promise to Bhoomi

Vanshaj 2nd April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvika sharing with Bhoomi about DJ’s plan to make her a mentally unstable person, but now she is here to take care of her. But she asks Bhoomi to pretend in front of DJ and Gargi that she isn’t well. Bhoomi agrees. She also shares her worries and fears with Yuvika. Yuvika assures her. Meanwhile, Koel shows DJ that Bhoomi is speaking to someone else. DJ decides not to spare the one whom Bhoomi is interacting with. He rushes towards Bhoomi while Bhoomi and Yuvika share a hug. DJ demands Bhoomi to tell her whom she was speaking with, but Bhoomi pretends to be not in her sense. DJ gets furious, so he shouts at Koel for misleading him. Bhoomi troubles, Koel. Both DJ and Koel get annoyed, and then they leave from there. Bhoomi thinks in her mind that Yuvika has returned, so she is going to put an end to DJ and Gargi’s evil plans.

Later, Srishti suggests to Bhanu Pratap about conducting the wedding of DJ and Koel. Bhanu Pratap says that they should take some more time, but Gargi takes Srishti’s side, so Bhanu Pratap agrees to speak with the priest. Srishti gets happy. She then informs Koel about it, who doesn’t come out of her drunken state. Srishti advises her. Just then, Gargi receives a call, so she leaves. DJ wonders when he should inform Gargi that he met Yuvika earlier during the Holi party.

Here, Miraya vent out her frustration with her boyfriend Nikhil about them forced to meet each other secretly. She suggests to elope which Nikhil agrees. He then leaves the place. Gargi gets shocked learning Miraya and Nikhil’s relationship. She decides to confront Miraya later as there are guests in the house. She then leaves from there.

Arjun inquires with Bhoomi about her whereabout during the Holi party. Bhoomi gives him an excuse. She then asks Arjun about Isha’s whereabout. Arjun informs her that Isha is with Neil. Meanwhile, DJ tells Gargi that he saw the brown eyed girl during the party, but Gargi looks disturbed, recalling Miraya and Nikhil’s interaction with each other. DJ gets frustrated, so he questions Gargi. Gargi’s reply infuriates DJ.

There, Bhanu Pratap meets Bhoomi in her room. He inquires with her about her health condition. Bhoomi assures him that she is slowly recovering. Just then, Yuvika arrives there. Bhoomi recalls her earlier conversation with Yuvika, so she remains silent. Bhanu Pratap shares his disappointment with Yukti about her not taking part in the Mahajan’s Holi party. Yukti tells him that she decides to keep their professional relationship. Bhanu Pratap agrees with her. He then informs her about his decision to fix DJ and Koel’s wedding, and he also decides not to invite her. Yukti pretends to be happy with his decision. After Bhanu Pratap leaves the room, Yuvika informs Bhoomi that she learned DJ and Koel’s wedding is just a deal. Because of which her mission may fail, so she won’t let this wedding take place. She also says for Ruhi and Yug’s sake also she will stop the wedding of DJ and Koel.

DJ orders his men to find out the brown eyed girl at any cost. His men oblige. Here, Yuvika learns that Koel isn’t interested in taking care of Yug, so she decides to do something. She also makes a promise to Yug. Meanwhile, Gargi confronts Miraya about her relationship with Nikhil. She threatens her about the consequences if she fails to break up with Nikhil. Miraya cries hard.

Precap: Yuvika’s plan fails, but Bhoomi motivates her. Bhoomi advises Yuvika to create fights between their enemies to get succeed in her mission.

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