Vanshaj 30th May 2024 Written Update: Yuvika feels betrayed

Vanshaj 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Fake Yuvika asking Boomi who she is? She mentioned Yukti as a lier. Boomi says that she is a lier not Yukti. DJ says that she recognised her real daughter but it’s not use. She can’t prove that she is Yuvika. She can’t even prove that DJ planned it all. Danraj asks Boomi to stop this drama. She is insulting her daughter in front of everyone. Danraj asks Isha and Arjun to say something. They are also confused to identify Yuvika? Gargi asks them if Yukti said to them that she is Yuvika? Boomi asks them to say that Yuvika revealed her identity to them. Arjun says that Isha said to him that she is Yuvika. Gargi asks Yukti If she lied to them that she is Yuvika? The police says that Yukti proved to them that she isn’t Yuvika because she has blue eyes. She recalls the way she confused everyone there by showing her blue lense. She thinks that they are using her idea against her. Gargi says to Danraj that she thought herself as smart and fooled them. This is the punishment for her. Boomi says that she isn’t her daughter. She asks Yuvika to say that she is her daughter.

Danraj asks her not to claim her as her daughter. Boomi says that a mom can recognise her daughter. She don’t need any proof for that. Arjun thinks why is mom thinking her as her daughter. Boomi demands Yuvika to say the truth. It’s time to stop her drama. She might reveal to them that she pretended to be Yukti. She gives pressure to her. Yuvika says that she is Yukti Multani. DJ gets happy to hear it. Boomi asks her why she is lying to them? She asks her to reveal the truth. Yuvika says that she saw Boomi struggling without her daughter. She lied to her as her daughter to cure her. She saw Yuvika’s siblings are in a mess. She supported them as their sister. She thought that she got an family. Her intentions is to help them. Yuvika pretends like apologizing to them. Arjun and Isha gets disappointed. Boomi asks her why she is lying to them? Arjun asks her to stop it. She isn’t our Yuvika but Yukti. Yuvika is about to leave. The police says that it’s a crime to cheat others. Gargi says that she isn’t giving any complaint on her. She actually treated her family as her own.

Yuvika says that this won’t happen again. Gargi thanked everyone for supporting her. She asks the police if he recorded everything. He nodded to her and leaves from there. Gargi asks fake Yuvika to take Boomi to her room. Boomi demands her to stay away from her. She don’t need her fake daughter and her fake love. Gargi asks her to see what have her daughter done to this family at least. Boomi says that she can see her intentions clearly in her eyes. She leaves from there. Gargi asks Arjun what happened to his mom? She says that she will keep Yuvika with her till they accept her. She doesn’t want to see Boomi’s health condition getting worst again. Fake Yuvika hugs Isha and Arjun. She says that we can make mom understand everything. Later, Gargi takes Fake Yuvika to her room. She opens her mouth in a shock. Gargi asks him about DJ. DJ comes there and dances with them. Fake Yuvika dances with them. Yuvika has a emotional breakdown in her room. She thinks that she disappointed her mom again. She thought that everything is under her control. They ended everything. She breaks the things in anger.

Episode ends

Precap; Gargi is on cloud nine

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