Vanshaj 31st May 2024 Written Update: DJ plots against Yuvika

Vanshaj 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Boomi consoling Yuvika. She mentioned her as Mrs. Boomi. Boomi complaints to her that they are alone here. Why did she missed a chance to prove herself. She can inform everyone that she is Yuvika. She refuses to accept her identity. She asks her to leave her alone. Boomi says that a mom won’t leave her child alone. She can’t fail to recognise her daughter. She came back here for Isha and Arjun. They struggled a lot without her. Yuvika lies to her that she is Yukti not Yuvika. Boomi warns her not to mention that she isn’t her daughter. She knew well that she is her Yuvika. Her dad is also like her.He always hide his pain from them. Yuvika admits that she is her Yuvika. That Yuvika is fake. She hugs her and cries. Few goons throws Neel on the road and leaves. Meanwhile, Gargi says to DJ and Danraj that fake Yuvika settled in her room. She checked on her. Danraj says to DJ that she is ditto of Yuvika. There is no doubt on her. DJ says that she is his sister. Even Yuvika didn’t think about this twist. She was shattered totally.

Gargi says that when DJ shares about this plan, she thought it was impossible. DJ says that impossible word isn’t in his dictionary. Danraj says that he is the best. He tells him that he is the best businessman. Yuvika was trapped in her own plan. She tried to scare him. He just used her own plan. When fake Yuvika standing in front of her and snatched her rights from her. She wouldn’t have thought that DJ is behind this creation. Danraj asks him what’s his new plan? DJ says that fake Yuvika will take over this house. Yukti will lose her value in this house. Gargi feels proud of him. Meanwhile, Neel gained his consciousness. Isha says to Arjun that she doesn’t know why did Yukti pretended to be their sister. He even thought she is helping them a lot. He thought that she was his sister. They recalls the way she helped them. They are confused. Arjun says to Isha that he can’t accept it. Yukti supported them at every situation and helped them. It wasn’t fake. Isha says that she shouldn’t have played with our emotions. But mom isn’t accepting her.

Boomi says to Yuvika that she still has time to prove to them that she is Yuvika. Yuvika says that it’s impossible now. If she try to become a Yuvika then the police will arrest her. Mahajans trapped her in her own plan. She went far from Yuvika. Boomi says that she is Yuvika. Yuvika says that no one will accept her now. She shouldn’t have trusted Mahajans. They trapped her in it. She can’t create her place in this house. Boomi asks her what’s her plan? Meanwhile, Fake Yuvika says to herself that she acted well Chinki. She becomes a queen in this house. She is shocked to see the clothes in the almira. She thinks that lots of clothes are here. She checks the almira and finds costly jewels in it. She is shocked. She wears it and admires herself. She thinks that she is very lucky. She looks like an angel here. She becomes an owner of cores. Meanwhile, Vidhun tries to contact Neel. He worries about him. Neel returns to home injured. He notices fake Yuvika there. He calls her for help. Fake Yuvika asks the servant to help him. Miraya cried her heart out. Gargi asks Miraya to forget Nikhil. DJ did everything for her future. Danraj asks her to forget him and start a fresh. She is still his family.

Yuvika calls Multani and informs him everything. She asks him to help her to find all the information about that girl. Gargi shouts in an excitement. She says that Yuvika returned to home. DJ gained his consciousness back.

Episode end

Precap; Neel accepts Chinky as Yuvika

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