Vanshaj 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Koyal in a tight spot

Vanshaj 3rd April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Isha saying to Neel that he prepared this kulfi tasty. He remembers Yuvika. She asks him where were he at the Holi party? He stays silent. She leaves from there. Gargi asks Naira to smile in the function. She nodded to her. Koyal and her mom arrived there. Danraj and Gargi welcome them. She asks Koyal to do her final touch up. Koyal’s mom praising her. Gargi says that she realised that Ruhi is a mistake. She wasn’t a good match to DJ. They were talking about it. Yuvika listens to their conversation. She gets frustrated. Boomi arrived there.

She thinks that their bad time started. She and her daughter are united now. Koyal recalls the way Boomi applied mud on her face at Holi party. Boomi smiles at her and gives the shagun to her forcefully. She pretends to bless her and stands aside. Yuvika’s assistant asks her if their plan work out? Yuvika says that mom will do her role well. She believes UJ will do his role well. A nurse takes him from there. Meanwhile, everyone hears UJ’s crying voice. The nurse apologized to them. She complaints to them that he isn’t stop crying. Koyal thinks that he is irritating her by crying. Boomi says that Koyal is a new mom to this baby. She asks her to give the baby to Koyal. She can handle him. Her mom signals her.

Koyal tries to calm him down. UJ isn’t stop crying. Rose shares her fear with Yuvika. She tells her that babies are delicate. They have to handle them patiently. Subhadra says that she don’t think Koyal is a good mom to UJ. Koyal’s mom says that she don’t have experience. She needs time to calm him down. UJ stops crying. Yuvika thinks that he stopped crying. UJ pulls Koyal’s ear rings. She dropped him. Her mom glares at her. A nurse takes him from there. Koyal says that he ruined her hairstyle.

Dada Babu scolds her for not taking care of the baby. She is giving importance to her makeup. Nothing is more important then a baby. DJ says that she didn’t do it deliberately. She did a mistake. She can handle him. Boomi says that a step mom can’t replace a mom’s place. Dada Babu doubts that Koyal is able to take the responsibility of UJ. Koyal assures him that she can do it. He tells her that he don’t think she is able to become a mom to UJ. He suggests DJ to give a time to think about this relationship.

Koyal’s mom thinks that all her efforts went in a vain. She says to Dada Babu that she isn’t experienced mom. She will learn it slowly. She asks him to give a chance to her. Dada Babu says that she can’t become a good mom to UJ. He is the heir of their family. Dada Babu says to Danraj that he is his grandson. He has to think about it. Danraj supports his decision. Gargi signals to Shristi. Dada Babu shares his decision with them. Shrishti was disappointed. Dada Babu asks them not to misunderstand him. He is talking for DJ’s future. Gargi supports Koyal there. She asks him to give a chance to her. DJ says to him that she can handle it. He pleads with him to give a chance to her. Yuvika is anxious. Gargi asks him to consider his future. He agrees to their decision. He says that if they are strong in their decision then he will change his decision. Koyal might take the responsibility of baby Yuj.

Episode ends.

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