Vanshaj 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Chinky tries to manipulate Boomi

Vanshaj 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gargi saying to everyone that today is a lucky day for them. Yuvika returned to home and DJ woke up from coma. It’s a happy moment to them. Let’s celebrate this happy news with a dinner date. We will eat together. She says to Danraj that Arjun is going to be become Abhimanyu in her chakravyuh today. Yuvika thinks that they are plotting against her again. What’s going on in their mind. Gargi says to Boomi that she is still supporting Yukti even after this much happened. This day wouldn’t have come without them. She invited Yukti to the dinner date. Gargi says that this party is arranged for Yuvika’s return. She couldn’t recognise her daughter. It’s normal to commit mistakes. She asks her to forgive Yuvika and Yukthi too. She indirectly warned her that something unexpected can happen at the dinner party. Meanwhile, Vidhun informs Dada Babu that weird things happening in this house daily. Yuvika is returned to home. But Boomi isn’t accepting her as her daughter. She is thinking Yukti as her daughter. He requests him to return to home. Dada Babu assures him that he will return to home asap. Later, Miraya is crying in her room. Gargi says to her that as a woman she has to sacrifice a lot. Whatever she did to her for her good. She advises her to forget Nikhil.

Miraya asks Gargi why did she killed Nikhil? Gargi says that she did everything for her good. She already warned her to stay away from Nikhil. She is giving another chance to her. When they ask her about Nikhil, She might inform everyone what DJ asked her to say. Later, Boomi says to Yuvika that she feels like something is big going happen. She shares her fear with them. Gargi is planning something else. Neel assures her that he is with her. Yuvika says that she don’t understand one thing. Why did Gargi played this confessing plan? They brought a fake Yuvika here. They can bring her early but why did they bring her now. It means they finds out that she isn’t Yukti but Yuvika. Boomi says that it’s not possible. Yuvika says that this planning started already. They tried to catch her by showing her picture. She proved to them that her eyes are blue. Why didn’t they searched for that Yuvika then. They pre-planned everything and bring the fake Yuvika with a proof. Neel says that they brought her to win Yuvika. Yuvika says that nothing happened yet like Boomi said. It means they planned something big with this fake Yuvika. Mahajan do everything for their needs. We have to find out from where did they bring this fake Yuvika. We will keep a close watch on them from this dinner date.

Arjun is surprised to see Miraya there. He asks her why didn’t she meet him yet. Why did she return to home from her honeymoon. Miraya lies to him that he went to meet his uncle. He says that it’s weird he left the honeymoon to meet his uncle. She says that everything is weird in this house. Yuvika returned to home . She excuses him to take a rest. Arjun thinks that she is talking weirdly. Something happened to her. Later, Chinky says to Boomi that she came early to light the diya. Boomi asks her to stay away from her. She don’t need to show her fake love on her. Chinky says that she missed her a lot. She thought to unite with her when she gained her consciousness. Boomi says that her Yuvika has a birthmark. She asks her to show it to her. Boomi is shocked to see it. Yuvika leaves from there frustrated. Arjun says to Isha that Yukti only shared their past incidents. But She has birth mark. Chinky asks them how will she make Boomi understand it. Arjun and Isha convinced her. Chinky tries to manipulate them. Later, Neel is convincing Yuvika. Boomi comes there. She asks her if she doubts her? She has the same birthmark too. Boomi says that she don’t need to prove it. She can identify her by looking into her eyes. Neel says that they can’t change her blood and DNA. Yuvika says that she hopes that everything will be alright. Yuvika says that they planned something big. She is their target.

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Precap; Yuvika meets with an accident

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