Vanshaj 4th June 2024 Written Update: Yuvika smells something fishy

Vanshaj 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chinky saying to Isha, it’s late so go to bed. Boomi comes there along with Yuvika. She asks her if she is still here? Arjun says that his sister won’t leave from this house but this Yukti have to leave. Boomi slaps him in anger. Chinky fears that she will slap her too, she leaves from there. Yuvika cries and leaves. Boomi feels guilty. Chinky thinks that Boomi isn’t accepting her or else she would have kicked Yuvika out of the house. She thought to take a rest. Meanwhile, Neel learns that Chinky’s DNA is not matching with Boomi. Boomi says that she is aware that she isn’t her daughter. She asks him to collect the report. Boomi prays for Yuvika’s safety. Meanwhile, Chinky is dancing in her room. Yuvika worried about her brother. Yuvika noticed that Chinky acting like she is heartbroken because Boomi isn’t accepting her. Yuvika says to Chinky that she isn’t Yuvika. She is a fraud. Chinky asks her who she is to mention that she is fraud? Who will believe her. Yuvika open challange her that today’s party is the first and last party in this house. Chinky says that she saw many people like her life.

Chinky says that she likes to accept Challenge. She knows to face the challenges. She didn’t fight like her by wearing coat and suit. She always fought with her life and came here. Yuvika says that she will prove to her that she isn’t Yuvika today. If she can’t do it then she will accept that she is Yuvika. Chinky asks her to do whatever she want. She is ready to face it. But she is going to face a lots of problems at night. She can’t even imagine about it. She threatens her that she will fall down. Later, Yuvika breaks the things in anger. She complaints to Neel that Chinky is challenging her confidentially. She don’t know why she is so confident. Neel says that DNA isn’t matching. We can prove to everyone that she isn’t Yuvika. Yuvika says that it’s not enough. We have to find out their whole plan. Yuvika calls Multani and asks him if he finds out any information about Chinky? She doesn’t know who she is and her whereabouts? Multani says that he couldn’t find out anything about her. Neel asks him why didn’t he meet him. He lies to him that he didn’t contact him.

Neel gets suspicious. Yuvika says to him that it’s all DJ’s plan. We have to find out who is that doctor. He gave a fake report to her. We have to prove her identity. Multani lies to him that he is working on it. Rose says that she feels like she is betraying her friend. Multani says that we have to do it to go forward. She chose the right side of else she won’t be alive. Rose asks him what’s the plan? He says that it’s something big. Later, DJ and his family members gets ready for the party. DJ greets Koyel and his mother-in-law. DJ says that he is going to give a surprise to her. She can choose a wedding date for him before the election. Multani and Rose reached to the party. Yuvika, Boomi and Neel comes there. She said to them that we have to find out their plan. If they notice anything suspicious then inform her. Later, DJ says that family and friends are here so let’s celebrate the party. Yuvika says that real guest isn’t here. Let’s wait for her. DJ expressed his happiness with them. Arjun asks him about Miraya? DJ lies to him that Miraya isn’t well. She is taking a rest. He says let’s play a game in the party. We shouldn’t ruin their mood. Koyel narrates the game to them. Boomi asks Yuvika where is Chinky? It means they planned something else.

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Precap; Yuvika meets with an accident

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