Vanshaj 5th June 2024 Written Update: DJ succeeded in his plan

Vanshaj 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gargi playing a game with Koyel. Yuvika is waiting for Chinky. She thinks what’s planning going on their mind. Koyel slips and failed in the challenge. Her mom asks her not to show her anger out. She is her soon to be in mother-in-law. Boomi apologized to Arjun for slapped him. He complaints that she slapped him in front of a thief person. She tells him that she would like to explain it to him. He gives the medicine to her and leaves. She thinks that she can explain it to him later. Rose noticed Chinky going out sir followed her secretly. Gargi gets a phone call. Boomi eves drop her call. Koyel’s mom singing a song for everyone. She noticed Boomi is eve’s drops Gargi’s conversation. Chinky asking someone to end Yuvika’s life and destroy her identity. Rose hears it all. Koyel’s mom informs Gargi that Boomi listening to her conversation. Gargi smirks at her and leaves. Rose thinks that she might inform Yuvika that they are trying to kill her. Later, Danraj announced Yukti and DJ name to do the face off challenge. DJ says that she has to accept it. She nodded to him. DJ dances with Yuvika.

Multani stops Rose from revealing the truth to Yuvika. Neel keeps a close watch on Danraj. He thought to collect some truth from him. Boomi is watching them. Koyel’s mom tried to divert her. She ignores her. Yuvika gets irritated and leaves in the middle of the dance. Multani follows Yuvika. He asks her doesn’t she know why she is here? Her small mistakes can ruin everything. Rose leaves from there. Danraj pretends like drinking with Neel. Neel doesn’t know that he is acting. Neel asks him about Yuvika. Danraj says that Yuvika owns everything here. He says that we shouldn’t talk about business here. Rose informs Yuvika that Chinky going to meet someone alone in night. Yuvika thanked her. Multani asks her what’s the matter. Why she looked tensed? She informs him that Chinky is going to meet someone. If we find out who she is going to meet then it’s easy to find out her identity. We can expose fraud Yuvika.

Yuvika asks Multani to follow her. He is following her in his car. Multani says to Rose that she did not do anything wrong by supporting him. He sends the location to her. Yuvika rushes out to meet her. Danraj and DJ smirks at each other. The driver notices Yuvika and hits her car with his lorry. Yuvika noticed it and shocked. She faints there. Boomi asks Neel about Yuvika. He says that he didn’t see her. She asks him to check her in her room. Yuvika noticed a person approaching her. She is shocked to see DJ there. She couldn’t get up. She tried her best to stand but falls down. DJ smiles at her. Chinky and Multani comes there. DJ says that she shouldn’t have messed up with him. She is a real Yuvika. He thanked Multani for helping him. He says that he took the right decision. He proved that he is a proper businessman. If he didn’t helped him then he would have laid beside her. Rose feels guilty to see her state. DJ says that he can’t understand Dada Babu’s words at all. He pushed her into the fire. She is died today. She know her identity but she can’t prove it. He snatched her identity from her. Its the real death to her. He calls the goons and order them to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Gargi gets a phone call. She informs everyone that Yuvika meets with an accident.

Episode end

Precap; DJ hires the doctor to change Mulatani’s identity

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