Vanshaj 6th June 2024 Written Update: DJ celebrates his victory

Vanshaj 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvika admitted into the hospital. Arjun asks Boomi to accompany them to the hospital. Boomi refuses to go with them reasoning she is not her daughter. Arjun says that she doesn’t care about her daughter. Neel asks Boomi what’s going on in her mind? Boomi says that this scene already happened in their life. We went to check when Dada Babu met with an accident. He knew well what happened on that day? She can’t trust Mahajans. DJ asks the doctor to follow his instructions. He shouldn’t commit any mistakes this time. He assures him. Boomi says to Neel that Gargi mentioned that Yuvika met with an accident. It means she is fake Yuvika. If she mentioned about Yukti then she would have rushes out to meet her. She asks him to find out whom met with an accident first. Boomi prays for her safety. Neel tries to contact Yuvika but he couldn’t. Neel learns from the security that Yuvika left the house. He fears that Yuvika met with an accident. Meanwhile, Isha and Arjun rushes to the hospital. They inquired the nurse about Yuvika. Neel is searching for Yuvika. He noticed the accident spot there. He is shocked to find Yuvika’s bracelet from the spot.

Neel thinks that it’s his Yuvika’s bracelet. He calls Boomi and informs her that Yuvika met with an accident. Boomi says that Gargi mentioned about Yuvika it means she is fake Yuvika. Neel says that Yukti’s car met with an accident. He even finds out her bracelet. Boomi says that fake Yuvika had similar bracelet with her. Boomi prays god to save her Yuvika. Neel worries about Yuvika. Meanwhile, DJ, Danraj, chinky, Koyel, Gargi are celebrating their victory along with Mulatani. DJ says that their smile saying this drama climax came. He expressed his happiness with them. We are free from Yuvika and Yukthi.
He tossed with them. Multani feels guilty. Later, Boomi asks Neel if Yukti met with an accident then where is Chinky? She didn’t see her in the party. She can’t believe anything till she see Yuvika with her own eyes. Later, Boomi calls Arjun to know the status. He says that mom ignored them. Then why she is calling him now. She says to Neel that they are angry at her. She can explain everything to them, once they reach to the hospital.

Boomi says to Neel that once she lost her Yuvika not again. Neel says that he didn’t know where did she went in the middle of the party. Multani is lost in his thoughts. DJ asks him to cheer up. He chose the right side. DJ says that we can start a new business. Danraj asks him what’s the new business? DJ says that we have to start new business. This profit isn’t enough in this business. Chinky asks him what should she do here? DJ asks her to continue her acting. She has to follow his instructions and act here. He shares his plan with her. The operation is going on there. Multani asks him to share his plan. DJ says that his doctor doing his extraordinary work in the operation theatre. He says let’s celebrate. Chinky dancing there. Koyel gives a new look to Chinky. Meanwhile, Boomi reached to the hospital and finds out that Arjun is angry at her. She said that he isn’t believing her. Isha says that we can find out who is real Yuvika after the operation. DJ says that he snatched the last identity from Yuvika too.

Episode end

Precap; Yuvika is shocked to see her eye colour.

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